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INR Results

Last Monday, at the doctors surgery, when I had my INR taken it was 6.5 and the way my blood flowed out after the finger prick was very worrying. It had been just over a week since I'd had my previous one. I had to stop taking my warfarin and go back next day where it was then 4.5 - no warfarin again. The following day Wednesday it was down to 2.3 and I was told to restart warfarin at a slightly lower dose and go for another test in a weeks time. I guessed my INR was high because I'd been taking massive doses of amiodarone 1 week 3 tablets per day, 2nd week 2 tablets per day and third week and henceforth 1 tablet per day. Those of you who take amiodarone will know that it builds up in your body and affects INR results. I've been worried about waiting a week for another test as I'm booked for a cardioversion on 20th November. Today when I went to see my arrithyma nurse, at my main hospital, she did a blood test and I will get the result tomorrow. My question is 'How on earth was my INR allowed to get that high'?

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Gross incompetence I expect Jean. I have never thought that GP medical centres are the right place for INR testing. For years I went to the local hospital and never had a problem until they stopped accepting me and sent me back to GP.



I was biting back those words myself! My INR taken yesterday at the hospital was reported to me this morning as 3.1 and as my cardioversion in a few weeks time my arrithyma nurse has said to keep on the dose of warfarin I'm taking. I'm meant to be going to the doctors surgery for an INR test tomorrow, but think I will now change that to Friday.


Any changes in your diet or medication will be reflected on your INR direct or indirect way

And changing warfarin dose will show in the next two days , so whenever my doctor change my dose he schedule me for test after a week

It is not easy to control , even your diet may effect INR level in that way ( drinking cinnamon tea may increase it so badly for me )

I feel for you Jean , I usually test my INR after taking any new medication or dose adjustment by 3 days , and I adjust my warfarin dose accordingly by myself

I'm on warfarin since 13 years now and I understand the way it works in my body

Wish it will be stable soon before your scheduled cardioversion



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