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Hi everyone,

Had my third INR test today and very disappointed that it was only 1.1 after being 1.3 the first week and 1.4 last week. As far as I know I have made no changes to anything. Can anyone else relate to this?

I was on 3mg warfarin but now have to take 4mg for the next week. Do not like the thought that it may cause a big increase in INR, going slowly upwards was reassuring for me. Has anyone else increased like this and what happened to their INR as a result although I know everyone is different I am just hoping for some comforting words. At what level is INR considered to be too high?

Thanks all,


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  • IT took nearly 3 months of weekly blood tests for me to be in range before settling in on 8mg a day. Warfarin nurses seem reluctant to increase by more than 1mg a week, usually just giving you an extra mg to take on 2 or 3 days a week to see how much it goes up.

  • Hi Joyce

    I started at 1.0 and after a week on 2 mg had only gone up to 1.1 so they upped my dose to 4mg daily week 2 it was 1.9, so they kept me on 4mg a day and it stayed at 1.9, so they made 2 days a week 5mg (ie increasing dose from 28 a week to 30) and it went up to 2.8.

    Last week my reading was 3.4 (on 29 a week - 1 day at 5) and this weeks reading was 3.5 so they have reduced it by 2 to 27 a week (4mg a day and 3mg on 1 day).

    So when I started it was 1.9 on 28 a week and now it is 3.5 on 29. I have read that a reading of 5 was where the balance tipped. I was asked to aim for 3 (ie between 2.5 and 3.5) just prior to ablation so sure that there is quite a safety margin.

    I have been lucky enough to have been tested weekly throughout at very little inconvenience to me and they have agreed to stay on weekly whilst I try and lose weight in case diet changes affect it.

    Mine went up from 2mg-4mg a day at the beginning and I guess they are trying to get you in range in a reasonable timeframe.

    Hope this helps.

    For what my unqualified opinion is worth you wouldn't have anything to worry about.


  • Thanks Jo.

    Very reassuring, you always spell it out in detail which helps a lot.


  • Joyce

    Have you had another test? How's your INR? - they dropped me 2 tablets a week (and I ate brussels) and have come down to 2.7 which I am happier with.


  • Yes Jo, yesterday. I have climbed all the way up to 1.2 !!!!!!!! So from 28 last week this week I have to take 33. Next test is not for 11 days but will perhaps work out better over Christmas. Will let you know what the next test says, I am really hoping for at least some improvement, will maybe cut down a little on the greens. Thanks for asking.


  • I despair of the way they do it these days. In my day they gave you large dose for three days and then worked backwards. That way you were safe very quickly. The expert at HRC two years ago said there is little extra risks of bleeds under five by the way.


  • I gather it's safer to increase slowly - if it's for a DVT etc i think they go more quickly, so don't worry.

    If your range is 2-3 (usual unless you are asked to be higher for some reason) you'll get there in a few weeks and there are guideline on the internet which you could take to the surgery if you feel it's too slow.If you google Warfarin initiation it should show up.

    Some studies have shown more bleeding risk at 3.5 so I am in the cautious camp!!

  • I'm tending to ignore individual results. I get some weird ones. You can see a general trend up or down, then suddenly get a result that's out of context, then the next test result is back to the original trend. I reckon the occasional result is just plain wrong.

    So if your results are anything like mine, your next result will be the interesting one.


  • Ive been on 3mg for about 18mths and all ok went on fri for my inr check at 4.0 don't know why haven't changed anything so now on 2mg going back again this fri guess it just goes like that sometimes karen

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