Is anyone else finding this site VERY slow sometimes?

I have a reasonably fast broadband connection, currently over 12 Mb/s, and yet I often find this site is VERY slow in loading - you get a "loading" message, and then "loading - this may take a while", and it certainly does take "a while", unacceptably and irritatingly so to the point where I often give up. Are others finding this, or is it just me?

Regards to all, Chris

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  • Hi Chris

    In the evenings yes, but I just put it down to volume of traffic, this is a general help site for Health sites hosting 100s? of communities, it's pretty good during the day but yes could do with another match under the boiler in the evenings.


  • Hi Chris

    My PC is a little slow when accessing this site, but not annoyingly. I guess sometimes it takes 30 seconds to access. I too get the 'loading' message and sometimes 'this may take a while', but I've never had to wait for long, not even a minute. I guess some areas may have faster or slower broadband access. I don't us my PC much in the evening so can't say if it's slower then.


  • Yes, I am getting this too and it is relatively recent. Maybe a fault??



  • Me too and we have a very fast connection .

  • Moi aussi - only a recent problem though. I just put it down to my dear old laptop becoming as old and tired as me!

  • Yes, it's a bit slow most of the time here. And I often get "Server Error" when trying to post and have to repeat.

  • I tend to visit the site when I wake up. I occasionally have the 'Loading ... This may take a while' but I actually marvel at the high speed and technology which allows me to view this site from my phone (a BlackBerry using Broadband) rather than from my PC. In my working life I was in charge of a multi-site wide area network from the late 1980s using modems and still marvel at that technology which now is archaic in computer terms.

    So it's all relative to one's expectations.

  • I made a site with modem init strings that still gets 30k hits a month

  • Remember that it is not so much your speed but the slowest speed the site goes though to get to you. Think of it as a bucket (information) with a hole (requests) the hole is the max that can get out. That defines the speed

  • OK, thanks everyone for your experiences and opinions.

  • Ive had to re register with new details. It wouldn't let me on, even tho it said Hi, Welcome back?

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