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Shaky feeling around heart but pulse is regular is it my arrhythmia.


Feels as though I am about to go into an arrhythmia (I have Atrial Flutter, Atrial Fib and SVT) but it is not quite kicking in. Is it my drugs holding it off or not arrhythmia based. I take Flecainide and Atenolol. Feel really odd today, not happy and scared arrhyhtmia's will kick in again and put me back in hospital on intravenous drugs and morphine as always.

I am having hypnotherapy Tuesday evening to help control stress so I can undergo heart tests as my BP sky rockets at hospital and they cant do them. GP recommended it as it worked for her fear of flying. Really fed up today. Cant keep this up much longer.

Hope to see those of us going to Birmingham on Sunday, all being well.



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Hi meadfoot

,I shall look out for you and perhaps we could have a chat...C

Sorry you are not feeling well today , but this is normal for us we all have good days and other are bad

We share same diagnose but my BP never go more than 140

Try to relax, drink more water and keep your mind busy with something you like ( watch a movie or play games if you are interested ) , anxiety will make irrythemia worse

In such cases I take zanax to help me calm down , hope you will better soon


Thank you for your kind replies. Yes I agree Maitha we have to ride out the bad days. Will get an early night I think.

Yes look out for your at the conference Caromia.

Thank you both and hope you keep well this weekend.


I'm sorry that you're having such a miserable time. Reading about other people's experiences makes me realise that my symptoms are fairly mild even though they are life-disrupting. Yesterday I had a routine GP appointment to check medication. Dr was running late, there were about 10 people waiting, all dressed for sub-zero weather. Suddenly my temperature- control mechanism went on the blink and I became breathless so I stripped down to my T-shirt. Dr insisted on doing an ECG which didn't show much but I left the surgery feeling worse than when I went in!

Hi ,I can relate to such symptoms its so good that we share them so that we get a clearer picture of what is going on ,some times I worry that maybe I think it is all related to AF when possibly it could be something is a good day ,so i will claim it and enjoy doing the jobs i cant get done on other days ,do have a good time in Birmingham all that are going Safe Journey .poppeystorey

PhyllisK in reply to poppystorey

Hi poppystorey, I agree 100% with your comments. Like you I sometimes think the unthinkable but touch wood the symptoms decline and I get on with what I need to do for the day. I also send my kindest regards to all who are going to the conference tomorrow, I hope that the A.F.A. continue with their good work in getting A.F. recognised by the medical profession.


Hi Dee, Hoping you are already feeling better today. I think the hypnotherapy is a good idea. I would try meditation too. Changing your breathing can immediately change how you feel and it can lower your blood pressure significantly. Glad your pulse is still regular. It is so easy to get ourselves all wound up with worry and anxiety about what might happen again. I too had some moments yesterday evening that I thought AF was coming....some ectopic beats made me keep checking my pulse. Thankfully I've made it through the night in normal rhythm. Please let us know when you are feeling better.

Take care.

Hi Meadfoot & All, my last three weeks have been so good since I realised my diet was having a big impact on my recovery from my ablation. I've mentioned before that a precursor to me having an episode (140 BPM or just out of sinus) was that I would suffer from Acid Reflux (AR), well during the recovery this still continued although the episodes had reduced. What I noticed though was my AR was still as prevalent but it would not always be followed by an episode however the AR was quite uncomfortable. I had a 'intolerance' test carried out to see if I was allergic to anything, as it tuned out I was put on a wheat free diet along with a lot of other foods I had to avoid. Within three days of adopting this diet I haven't suffered from AF and my episode have been more or less ceased with the exception on two occasions when I broke my diet, a chilli sent my heart racing for two hours and some onions took me out of sinus on and off for a couple of hours.

So perhaps it may worth others looking at their diets, have an intolerance test done, I'd be interested to see if it improves others situation.

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Hi Woolfie58. I have always believed it was connected to my diet in some way, who do I ask for a intolerance test? the GP (doctor) or the Cardiologist

When you have an ablation and your back in sinus rhythm you often feel the fast acceleration to the ventricular with improved blood flow.

I was terrified at first but my cardiologist reassured me. Ask your doctor. Good luck.

Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive comments and suggestions. I intend to hook into some meditation and look at my diet for reduction of pesky acid reflux and its association as a trigger for my AF. All very helpful, thanks friends.

Shattered today but managed to break, somewhat, the downward spiral I was in last week. Spent the weekend in Birmingham with our good friends who we met on a cruise a few years ago. They gave us a good weekend, fed us and a bed for the night which was excellent. Attended the Conference yesterday which was, as usual, very good and informative. Found the sessions given by consultants and the round table discussions particularly helpful.

So more heart tests this week, BP allowing. Hypnotherapy tomorrow evening for anxiety.

Have a good and healthy day.



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