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Is there anyone else in Sydney having problems with medical funds over an ablation?

This is my problem. I have a history of heart problems. It started with an aortic valve replacement and then AF attacks , clots and now PAF which is now controlled by drugs.


125mg digoxin

80 mg Sotalol

10 mg bisoprolol

This all causes other problems - now I have an enlarged aorta - left bundle branch block and with all this the heart muscle has become larger and thicker.

After waiting 6 weeks to see the Ep he gave me a date for an ablation. This was not accepted by the hospital over a dispute with funding ( by the way I have top private health cover).

It's driving me crazy - the drugs make me feel like a dope but without them I end up in hospital.

I am now getting the run around from the health fund and the specialist .

No one can give me any time frame on when this will resolved. We are talking about a cryoablation of which heaps would have been performed here and thousands worldwide.

Maybe if there is others with the same problem we can join forces because no one is listening to me .


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Hi Brian!

I live in Albury/Wodonga. I am currently waiting for an Ablation which will hopefully be done late Dec or early Jan. This will happen at Westmead Private Hospita in Sydneyl. I obviously have private health insurance so I am not anticipating any problems. I think Westmead is run by Ramsay Health. I have been in their hospital in Albury. I am wondering who your health fund is? Mine is GMHBA.......




Hi Barry

Mine is medibank private . I'm on top cover which isn't cheap.

Are they using the cryo ( freezing technique ) or burning (sound terrible but necessary)



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