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Do the AF association patient information/treatment documents need updating due to new NHS clinical commissioning groups?

I am interested in asking if with the changes to NHS clinical commissioning taking over from PCTs requires further research and analysis on how patients access AF treatment in the future.

For example in Westminster and Central London CCG, a patient referral company has been set up to coordinate referral to secondary and tertiary care so individual practices refer based on commissioning standards and local guidance.

These institutions appear to be community interest companies and some of the members have commercial interest in the public and private sector. I don't know whether either is a good or bad or aggravating or mitigating factor in the future commissioning of AF treatments - especially if the specialist you need to see is not accessible via your CCG.

Is this something the AF association or contributors have any thoughts on?

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I think the expertise for this lies with the AFA because it has a national viewpoint - we patients tend to only see our local or regional setup. So I'm sure the AFA will be able to give a view.

Regards, Chris H




Does the AFA have a view or able to support test case application for AF personal health budget for treatment and management?


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