Cardioversion this morning

Havent been on this site for a while but thought i'd share that i am now back on ward following successful CV. Theyre not sure how long i'll stay in NSR as have moderately dilated left atrium. So theyre now talkingabout a new procedure involving keyhole surgery by cardiac surgeon followed by ablation 2 months later. Anyone heard of this?

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  • So good to hear some good news.

    The dilated atrium will usually return to normal size if AF is stopped so don;t worry too much about that. I've not heard about the procedure you describe unless is is left atrial appendage occlusion by key hole which I have seen film of. This serves to remove the appendage which is where clots are believed to form so that warfarin need not be given.


  • Hi bob do you know it could be that as it sounds vaguely familiar. My consultant mentioned it just befoe my CV so although I tried to take it in I was so nervous that I don't think I got it all. Apparently it'll give me an 80-85% chance of a cure rather than just 60%. the only reason it would b 60% is because of my dilated atria. Heather

  • Hello Heather,

    I'm about to be assessed for a hybrid procedure combining ablation by an EP with a surgical intervention by a thoracic surgeon. This is a new procedure in this part of the world, SW England,and I still don't know the details of how it works but I don't think a left atrial occlusion is part of it. I'm being considered because my AF has been continuous for over 4 years and I think would present a large number of sites for ablation. This procedure would allow for more of them to be dealt with. Incidentally my left atrium is rather small. I'll report back after assessment. Hope you're feeling lots better after your CV.


  • Hi Tina - that's interesting. I live in the South West. You're not under the care of Derriford are you? I'm feeling ok but bumping around a bit. Let me know how you get on and I'll keep you posted on my progress as it may be that we'll be undergoing the same procedures. Heather :-)

  • Great news heather hope all goes well today and with your next treatment ,poppeystorey

  • Heather,

    It sounds like we might both benefit from an individual conversation. I just tried to message you but I'm not convinced it worked. I won't repeat the whole thing in case, just to say, yes, I'm being seen in Derriford after 4 years of argybargy and stalling by GPs, PCT, and the RDE in Exeter who don't have an EP department and don't appear to rate ablation as a treatment for AF. I was so amazed at the possibility after so long that I didn't ask what exactly the hybrid procedure is!

    Let me know if you get my other message and if you'd like more of a chat.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for your lovely message Poppy.

    Tina - I thought I would let you know that I have just messaged you so let me know if you've received. Thanks Heather

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