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Just found out possible date for ablation is Febuary 2014

Just found out possible date for ablation is Febuary 2014, not happy about this as after seeing EP on the 1st July who recommended the ablation and a waiting list of 4 to 6 months. This seems a bit far away and have struggled the last few months even had a TIA in middle of July which has knocked my confidence and am feeling very anxious so bad that GP has prescribed antidepressants. What's worse I work in the NHS as a clinical engineer and I am struggling to keep up with work. Don't know what to do now at a loss!!!!!

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Hi John - Sorry to hear about the date for your ablation being later than you expected, I can understand how let down you must feel. I waited 6 long months to have mine last June.

After a period in hospital with my AF, last December, my local hospital put me on Amiodarone saying although it was a 'dirty drug' which they didn't like prescribing to someone of my young age, I would be seen by an EP at another hospital and have an ablation in a couple of months. Well I expected 'couple' to mean two months or at the most three, but of course that wasn't the case. Now blood tests show that the Amiodarone I took while waiting has damaged my thyroid.

Might it be an idea for you to chase the EP's secretary for your appointment, explaining about your TIA (had you had it when you saw the EP if not he needs to know), use a bit of charm and drop into the conversation that you work for the NHS? I made a friend of my EP's secretary, when I rang to query my appointment we'd have a little chat about our gardens and I was charm itself. There was no way anyone was going to forget about me! Having said all that I think a 6 month wait is quite normal. Whether it's normal for someone who's had a TIA to wait that long I really don't know.

Keep us informed of how you are. Wishing you well.



As I work in the NHS there is a reciprocal agreement where they should fast track staff,some hope. At the moment feel very disillusioned occupational health want to sign me of sick till after the procedure! They have compromised and I am on light duties which has made it a bit easier. Will see the GP in a couple weeks will talk things through then.


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