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Holter report showed no atrial flutter but Junctional tachycardia after ablation !doctors call it as SVT

I was going to ask what does SVT means but it look like i should try it personally lol.

I was treating atrial flutter now im having this new irrethemia as a result of ablation or as my doctor said it was maybe there and it was causing the flutter

Is it commmon ? Which is worse? Does that mean ablation was not successful? Or my doctor was not good enough in doing EP study!

I wasnt told that I may have another problem after ablation!

As I read both flutter and tachycardia have the same symptoms risks and treatment if I'm not wrong

So what have I done? Previously the flutter was once a month now tachy cardia attacks are daily with any effort!

Anyone had the same after ablation ?

Doctors offered me another ablation tomorrow after only three weeks from my first one since they exclude my medication treatment due to my low BP ?

I read once here that there should be time between ablations and actually i got afraid and refused another ablation and I offered to take full dose of sotalol in the morning and half in the evening and monitor my BP and then meet doctor on Wed

My main problem right now low BP since all my life my average is 90/50 and yesterday night during my sleeping was 65/35 believe it or not !

Actually it is higher than that during active time 120/80

Appreciate any input in regard the above


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Hi Maitha - Sorry I can't help with your query other than to say I developed PAF again and flutter after my first ablation. Thinking of you and so sorry you're having all these problems.

Please keep us informed as to whether you decide on the second ablation this week.

Wishing you well. Jean x


hi maitha . ive had the same thing . but if i were you i would have the ablation soon as poss . my docs teel me i could be on waiting list for nine months . where are you from ? because i think im getting postcode treatment


So for the three of us the first ablation was not enough, sorry to know that .

I'm from Abu Dhabi in Middle East

I heared that there should be a gap between ablations , I choosed to give a chance right now for medication and if it works I will delay the second ablation

What made me worried the frequency of SVT attacks , few time a day ! Upon any effort or stress , I never had that before , even AF attacks were about once a month

AF is worse that SVT ? Don't know

I had SVT during driving where I had to stop and wait till I feel better , is there any possibility I may get faint?

Is there a chance that it may disappear by time during recovery , it had been around four weeks now since my ablation

So many questions but actually I never heared about this before and was not aware about such ablation result

Wishing you all well



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