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I went to see the locum dr on Wednesday as I felt in need of reassurance and ended up with two new medicines

He told me I had a heart murmur and said I should try another water tablet and also another go at another heart medicine. The water tablet is Natrilix and the other one is Doxazosin. The Natrilix is slow release and works all day, I've to wait three days before starting the Doxazosin. Luckily I'm seeing my own doctor on Wednesday and hopefully he'll sort it out as the pharmacist says I've already tried one of them. I'll let you know what happens. Been having a great week with my sons family visiting , no AFs so far on Flecanide three times a day. Terjo

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If you have a heart murmur, please ensure your doctor refers you to a cardiologist as soon as possible, arrange for an ECG. The locum should have referred you to a cardiologist before providing you with medication. Don't take no for an answer.


Thank you for replying ,vivante, I'm seeing my regular gp on Wednesday and will ask him about it. I'm 81 and as I read it its something that is more common as one grows older. It should be on my notes. Do you know anything about the Doxazosin the locum prescribed?


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