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Is anyone on methyldopa?

I was prescribed it on Wednesday morning and took the first 125mg tablet at bedtime

In the morning I took the next one. By mid morning I was like a zombie and just wanted to lie down and close my eyes. Mid afternoon my pulse. Was 37 so I decided to not take anymore as last time when my pulse got too low I was hauled off to hospital. I've not told the doctor yet but will do so next week. I was wondering if anyone else got on with these pills? I'm sure I was on something similar before. I've tried loads of pills but they all make me ill. I just don't know what else to do to get my blood pressure down. Terjo

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Hi Terjo,

Methyldopa is one of the oldest BP meds out there, and it comes with a really long list of side effects. How many times a day are you taking it? Here in the U.S. its use is pretty limited to women with hypertension in pregnancy, because it is safe for a developing fetus. That said, these women feel horrible on it. Because of all the possible side effects it has pretty much been replaced by all the newer types of anti-hypertensives. I guess if you've had problems with other types of BP meds your doc thought this was worth a try. I would call your doc sooner than later to make an adjustment.


I agree BP is not worth not treating


Thanks for your replies. I decided to call the surgery yesterday afternoon and left a message for the doctor telling him that I was not taking the med anymore as it didn't do anything for the blood pressure but immediately lowered my pulse.

Blood pressure still mostly in the190s it was 206 at the surgery sometimes it goes to the 170s but its up and down like a yo yo. Coming off bisoperol hasn't altered the fluctuation but has given me my life back as on that med I was exhausted all the time for over ten years! I did ask about blood letting but I think that's gone out of fashion.




I was on methyldopa for years and never had any side effects and it was the only one I could take when I was pregnant.

There is a procedure now where they ablate or do something to the blood vessels that supply the kidneys, or at least I thinks that what they do. It might be worth looking into. It is a fairly new procedure and but I did meet someone who had had it done. Sorry can't be more precise.




Your blood pressure is quite high and if you abruptly stop any BP medication it can rebound even higher so that could be dangerous. Treating the blood pressure is extremely important so please don't give up your search for the right combinations of therapy, both with medications and with diet and exercise to help control it.


I'm a veggie and do exercise and breathing. My weight is a constant 9st my height is 5ft4ins. Should I try and loose more.? Terjo


Well, if my calculation from stone to pound is correct ;-) you are a healthy weight now! It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Sometimes our genetics predispose us to things like hypertension and it persists and needs a lot of attention despite our best efforts to be healthy.


Thanks for your reply. I've heard something like that but really worry about the outcome as if it blocks the adrenaline what would one feel like? I'm not a medical person so don't know the ins and outs of the condition. This site has been such a comfort as a least you know that someone else knows how horrible AF can be. However kind ones family is they don't understand the awful foreboding one feels at times. Terjo


Adrenaline is a chemical that is released in that "fight or flight" response of the body. When stressed or under duress our body releases a whole chain of hormones that regulate many things like our heart rate, the diameter of our blood vessels, which in turn impacts our blood pressure. When we are stressed, the primitive part of our brain thinks we are meeting a tiger on the trail and we have to defend ourselves. Our body is prepared to RUN and yet we are standing still, mired in stress. Since many of us live in a state of perpetual stress, this in turn, contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease. Many of the blood pressure meds are designed to block or change this response. It actually feels much better NOT to be living in fight or flight mode!

And you are right. Our families can be as supportive as can be, but unless you've lived with that moment when you realize your heart is beating to a different drummer, you just can't imagine what it feels like, and how scary it can be. I try to just keep telling myself there are a lot worse things to experience and just get through it. Always trying not to think about the next time!


if blood medications don't a agree with you Terjo there is a operation called" renal vein de nervisation " for uncontrolled high BP there a strict guidelines for this procedure but check it out etc


Thank you grandma for your comments I've had channel blockers, betblockers, digoxin and others in those groups. I try to keep calm but it is difficult. Your help and support is very welcome.

Mr GED thank you I remember reading about it but have never read a patients comment has anyone on this site had it done?

Offcut what is your blood pressure ? Thanks. Terjo


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