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AF and pacemaker change of mode

I had an ablation 17 months ago which worked very well. In March of this year I had a breathing problem which resulted in a course of steriods. My GP thought that my pacemaker which was paced at 60 could be partly responsible for the breathing difficulty (I thought I had a chest infection) and wrote to the cardiologist. Soon after I attending an appointment at the clinic and my pacemaker mode was changed to a normal heart rythmn. Several days later I started getting AF again culmanating in a severe episode in late April leading to emergency hospitalisation. Since then I have had four more episodes in the space of a month. On Thursday 27 June I was once again rushed to hospital with severe symptons. I would like to know if it was just coincidence that the AF started after the pacemaker was altered or if it would have happened anyway. When I left hospital yesterday the Sotolol I take was upped from 40mg twice a day to 120mg twice a day and I was also put on Pradaxa 150mg twice per day. Such a disappointment after being taken off Warfarin and having Sotolol dosage so reduced. My discharge letter is requesting an appointment for consideration to have another ablation. Has anyone else had a similar experience, a pacemaker altered or a successful second ablation.

Many thanks

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I noticed a reduction in AF symptoms when my pacemaker was changed from 70 down to 60. I rarely notice it at all now but the pacemaker picks up an AF episode about once a week.


I've had AF for five years . I recently had my Pacemaker settings altered , then suddenly developed a breathing problem . Once we re-set the Pacemaker to my original settings , breathing problem went away . I'm age 64 , and also take Sotalol , 200 mg x twice a day to control AF .


Thank very much for you reply it is always resassuring to know that you are not on youir own in these matters and that someone has gone through the same difficulties'


I have my pace maker settings changed a number of times, but I still needed another ablation after having the pacemaker fitted. Good luck



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