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Rivaroxaban update

From day 1 I started to get aches and pains throughout my body which got gradually worse.

At Day 5 I agreed with my GP to give it a fortnight to see if my body got usedto it. Only 1% of people on Rivaroxaban have thhose side effects.

At Day 11 I started on Losartan (instead of Ramippril), and unfortunately it gave me the same side effects as Rivaroxaban, but I didn't know that.

At Day 19 I was taken off Rivaroxaban and went back on Warfarin at my request as I know that gave me no side effects. I ordered my own Coaguchek XS nachine (not yet come).

At Day 20 I had Lab blood tests and BP taken.

Pains eased

At Day.22 I woke in agony. Spent day in bed with paracetamols. By logic worked out it must be Losartan, so took myself off them.

Pains eased

At Day 23 I saw an out of hours doctor. BP taken twice at start and end of session with Doctor,. At 8.20pm I was176/89, pulse 84, and at 8.50pm I was 160/83, pr 81. Agreed to double up on a tablet I take for enlarged prostate which also reduces BP (Doxazosin) 4mg instead of 2mg.

Day 24. Drove to local medical centre to have further pre-arranged lab blood tests. BP taken. Was 125/70 PR81 Felt I was getting better. Still unsteady walking, still aches, but hey-ho it was my 68th birthday. My sisters had driven 100 miles to stay in a nearby hotel with their cat-hating dog (I have a cat, my companion, Wolfie).

Went over to their hotel, had a glass of Clairette de Die with birthday cake. Had a glass of Merlot with evening meal.

Day 25. Woke up in agony, back to how I was on Day 22. Losartan must still be in my system and it must not like alcohol - nothing on the patients' infomation about that. Normally I drink less than 6 units of alcohol a week, some weeks I have none

Should be seeing a Warfarin nurse tomorrow but am not mobile enough yet. Had INR tests included in 2 lab blood tests.

Hopefully i can get to the doc in 2 days. I think tiomorrow I'll postpone the cat's annual check-up at the vets in 2 days..

In short Day s 1-10 Rivaroxaban only

Days 11- 18 Rivaroxaban and Losartan

Days 19-22 Losartan only

Fortunately I don't have nausea, my urine is clear, and I've found a shepherd's crook that I bought in a charity auction years ago which is helping me get arounf.

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Just remembered I had another glass of Merlot on Day 23 at the same hotel and it didnt affect me. Was it the Clairette de Die, a spakling fruity , 7% alcohol, which caused the pains?


Hi Thomas, interesting as I am on losartan having switched from candesartan about a year ago "cos it's cheaper". I am also 68 and have loads of leg pains most of which I put down to a knackered knee which needs a new one.. I have no prostate now post surgery so not taking anything for that except hormone implants monthly to stop testosterone so any cancer cells have nothing to feed on. Have an appt with GP next week to complain about pains so may explore your thoughts with her.




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