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getting this dull ache on the crown of my head is it warfarin or just tension

okay it might sound a weird question,but it is reall worrying me at the moment,i dont want to be running to the doctors every five minutes, if it is not enough we have to worry about af attacks,i have heard that you can get brain bleeds from warfarin so just dont know what to do for the best. my chad scoring is zero and my cardio reckons i can just go on aspirin in november if progress continues. sorry if you think i am over reacting just like to know if any of you have suffer these dull aches in the head area, i took paraoetamol which got rid of it for an hour or two but its back again.

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I really wouldn't worry too much, you are only likely to bleed if your INR is way too high. Stress and worry can cause headaches and if you have no other symptoms whihc believe you me you would with a brain heamorrhage I would keep taking the paracetamol, but not too often. If you are really worried then you should see your gp for reassurance

Good luck


My CHAD score is zero and I've never taken Warfarin, though I am in permanent AF - and looking at the research this seems sensible. My cardio expert said I could take Aspirin but he didn't think it would really make much difference - and again the research I have seen seems to back that up.

We all get weird aches and pains occasionally - I have a broken rib (since childhood) which re-breaks every few years right over my heart! It is easy to put it down to a condition we have, when it could be anything else, or nothing. Going to the doctors is not an easy decision but I'm sure the NHS would rather pay for several doctor's appointments than you being in Intensive Care.


Cheers for the sensible replies. I guess I am still at the early stage of trying to get my head around it. I have always lived by the book. Exercising eating healthy but I now i am wondering was it all in vein.cant seem to look forward to anything ...haven't book a holiday abroad this year and have put on a stone since feb this year. I know there are those who are worse off than me. But I canu't help thinking about all the effect I put in to keep me healthy in my old age and it seems I have fallen at the first hurdle at the age of 53


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