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New Case Study - Jason, West Yorkshire

New Case Study - Jason, West Yorkshire

Anybody else had the chance to read this? It may not be relevant to some people but I was reading it and it was almost like 100% of my recent story around age, circumstances, process, background, fitness and even region.

I'm not sure if anyone knows Jason or if he comes on here, but I'd like to get in touch with him if possible.

thanks, Jamie

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is there a link?



Jamie we cannot see the item you refer to...can you add a link to it as Phill suggests please.


Hi Phil

Please see:




Hi Jamie,

I'm more than happy to have a natter.




I will do thanks - appreciate it.


Jason I hope it has been explained to you that it is probably the training that brought on the AF. Endurance training is one of the prime causes of AF in under 60s I believe, along with jet fighter pilots (same level of fitness) It is thought that the training causes enlargement of the atria leading to confused pathways. You would be amazed at the number of top athletes who suffer from this condition.




I would say you're almost certainly right - I have mentioned it on here EP in Leeds told me exactly the same thing; makes you wonder why you bother! He did also say that could be in a better place when you're 50 compared to your friends if they continue drinking and eating too much etc...

I have spoken to 7-8 people in the last 6 months, all under 45 who have it or are being checked out for it, with 80% of them well into exercise!

Thanks, Jamie


Bob, the training hasn't been blamed as such, but along with other possible contributory factors, it has been mentioned. However, I don't mind being tarred with the same brush as top athletes :) I think my past coaches may have something different to say though. Thanks for your comments.


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