Why was dan walter's post removed from this forum?

He was trying to inform patients. Dr.s are human too, and some tend to 'massage' their outcome data in their favour. His website/book contains medically researched articles from cardiac medical centres giving a different view on ablation success and risks. And we need to wake up if we dont realise that money does drive a lot of medical advice and guidance.

I thought this forum was for discussion of all aspects of a/fib, inc criticisms of medical procedures/doctors etc. But it seems that only conventional, comfortable, and reassuring views are allowed.

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  • Hi reevo

    The post was removed because it is against our policy as a charity to promote or condemn any particular treatment or commercial item (book/website/device).

    Moreover, several members reported this post. Therefore, we have acted on our policy as well as the response from others in the community.

    We look forward to sharing informed discussion with you in this forum.


    AF Association

  • I don't think any of us who read or post here believe that ablation is a procedure that is a panacea or even remotely without risk. While it may be the best option for some, and indeed, some have achieved a remission from AF symptoms, for others it is not something they would consider. I think all options are discussed here in an open forum, and the exchange is as varied as the many presentations of AF amongst the members here.

  • Anybody who tries to sell products or books on any discussion site should be stopped. Discussion is one thing, commercial interest is quite another in my view Well done AFA for removing it although in fairness I think the other members had done a pretty good job of damning it!


  • Hi Reevo,Just glimpsed briefly at Dan Walters blog yesterday.I believe his intentions were honourable and proactive.We don't need the life scaring out of us but neither are we burying our head in the sand... When we purchased our skilfully prepared meat produce at the supermarket,how it would be different if there was a manual or Video available showing the journey for the animal from the Field to the table.

  • ive only caught the tail end of this although did see Dans post about his book, i agree conversations should be open, but if someone is trying to increase sales of a book they have written then as has been said they have a commercial interest and their motives should be questioned. Had the views been stated without the need to publicise the book then that would have been a different scenario.

    There are ways and means of doing things, nobody needs to have the cr*p scared out of them about a procedure. I am on a couple of american health sites and i think in the uk we are extremely lucky to have an nhs as there isnt the same commnercial interest as there is in other countries, procedures are questioned more and wont be funded if not deemed successful/safe.

  • Well said, What happens in USA often has little on no bearing on what happens over here,. Both good and bad! NICE are our gardians for better or worse rather than what our health insurance companies will pay for.


  • sarj, Thank You.... You have stated the point exactly on why the post was deleted. You said "nobody needs to have the cr*p scared out of them about a procedure". Especially to promote a book. There was no discussion about the procedure, either pro or con, Just "Beware and Buy my book".

    Mr Walter has only shown up here twice and both times to post an ad for his book, using scare tactics for it's promotion. That is why AFA deleted the post. To even suggest that AFA deleted it because of some corporate run conspiracy to stop everyone from finding out the truth is not only paranoid but ridiculous.


  • Yes, I can see the point relating to the promotion of commercial items on the website. However I am drawn to any article etc relating to AF ( even the Daily Mail ) & so bought the book on Amazon.I found it interesting reading but that's as far as it goes. It has not frightened the life out of me! That happened 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed with AF.! I do not enter into any of my treatments for AF blindly & like to keep as informed as possible.


  • He's just had a lot of publicity for his book - I bet most people like me hadn't even seen it or had missed it until today!

  • I didn't see the post, only the title of it but I would be interested to see and hear the reasoning behind that point of view. As someone who has had a successful catheter ablation, I would reccommend anyone who is offered it to take it. I have been AF free for 5 years or so now and frankly I have my life back - I don't really care about the motivation for offering me the procedure!

  • I didn't see the post so can't really make any comment about what was intended by the person who made it. All I know is this site has brought to me information regarding medical procedures available to help cure/control AF. Money is involved in this ..whether we like it or not ...by hospital trusts ...drug companies etc....we live in a material world and because of that people do overstep the mark.

    I know this site will continue to inform us .... I know it's helped me.

    Nik :)

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