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Query on starting Warfarin

Hi. Can anyone help with my dilemma please. I have just been diagnosed with AF and started on Diltiazem 300mg daily which is controlling my BP but resting pulse rate is still around 150. I have been offered Warfarin therapy but unsure whether to go ahead as i am also a renal dialysis patient attending for haemodialysis three times weekly via a fistula and i am worried about starting Warfarin ?


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That's a hard choice. Although anticoagulation is very important for those with AF I'm not sure about taking it along with going through dialysis. I would have a long discussion with those doing the renal dialysis to discuss the pro's and con's of blood thinning. You really need to get the opinion of an expert for this.

Have they talked about or tried a cardioversion?

Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful with this.



Thanks so much for your reply.

Yes, i had caridoversion which was succesfull but unfortunately only for a few weeks. I have an appointment next week with the Cardiologist to discuss further options, I think catheter ablaltion maybe another thing to try but the Warfarin choice is a difficult one to make.


Hi Beermat

I agree with Tim, from my reading, it's a hard choice, and one that needs careful discussion between the Cardiologist and the Nephrologist, preferably with you present.

There are a number of articles on the web, not sure of the value of them but if you google anti-coagulants on dialysis they come up, and some are saying stick to heparin usually given after dialysis. It really depends on the next stage for your renal challenges as I understand it.

Good luck



Thanks very much for your reply. I know it's a complex decision



I wanted to write you back. I spoke to my daughter last night about you. She is a nurse who specializes in Dialysis. She told me that they have quite a few patients that are on warfarin. But she says it is a very tricky procedure and that most will have to sit there for 20 to 30 minutes after to ensure they will not continue bleeding.



Hi. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. It's just a case of weighing up the pros and the cons. Will have a chat with my cardiologist next week and hopefully come to the right decision.


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