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Think I forgot my atenolol last night never done that before, just hoping I dont pay the price - doh !


Its my daughters wedding day today so here I am in my finery complete with big hat taking time out from the mayhem around me to relax. I think, in the madness surrounding me last night that I forgot to take my evening atenolol. I opted to risk missing a dose rather than risking doubling up. Not had any ill effects yet and hope that I got away with it this time. Stupid me wont do that again a hurry especially when I am trying to keep calm for daughter and my husband. So like all good AF'ers I am trying to keep calm and carry on.

I am hearing daughter calling me after to be left alone so must return to the mayhem.. Wish us luck. Regards Dee.

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Dee I wish you the very best, what a fantastic day, and I am sure you will be fine.

Have an obligatory small cry at giving away a daughter and then revel in the joy of two new people starting out on their lifes together. It's going to be fabulous I know it, and you will have a wonderful time.

Thinking of you and the family


meadfoot in reply to Beancounter

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your kind message. The day was wonderful, daughter and son in law (got to get used to that term) had an amazing day as did we all. Fab speech by my husband too.

Had a brilliant day and not a sign of AFib - Yay.

enjoy the day ! we all have lapses of memory so go and have fun cry a little and revel in the beauty of 2 people in love !


meadfoot in reply to skary

Hi Nikki,

Cheers for your kind words. Yes a few tears were shed all round. Had a great day and daughter and new husband are so loved up. No ill effects from missing my meds dose thank goodness.

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