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I received this email from another AF Support group. Anyone willing to take this survey can just click on the link.


Hi everyone,

I'm currently at university completing a clinical psychology doctorate and I'm doing a piece of research around personality, illness beliefs and quality of life in people with atrial fibrillation. I've found that this is quite an under-researched area and I feel it is important to learn more about how atrial fibrillation affects people's lives.

I have created a short online survey to explore this and wondered whether anyone would be interested in contributing to the research by completing this survey? If you would like to find out more or take part in the study please click on the link attached.

Many thanks,





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  • done

  • I did it too Tim, surveys like this can only increase knowledge for everyone, so please everyone take the 5 mins to complete the survey.


  • I've done it too.

  • done

  • done

  • done it, I just didn't know whether I had persistent or permanent AF, what is the difference?

  • Thank you all for taking the time to do the survey. I'm sure she will appreciate it. Anything that helps either understanding or spreading the work about AF is worthwhile.

    Thanks Again.... You guys are great!


  • I've started this survey but will look at it again tomorrow. It's a timescale problem for me, e.g. Question: Following dignosis were treatment options explained. After a night in a hospital ward I was put on to Amiodarone and waited 10 months to see a heart consultant - that was 8 years ago. Since then he and my GP, n AF specialist himself, have told me of options, but it's what is intepreted by "following diagnosis".

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