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Preparing for an Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation


A few days ago, BobD told us that a fact sheet was now available on the AF Association webpage with lots of information on how best to recover from an ablation for Atrial Fibrillation.

I am pleased to advise that the second part, Preparing for an Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation has now been published as well.

The good thing is that these sheets were written by patients who have experienced ablations so the information should be helpful to anyone either thinking about or waiting for an ablation. To find them, enter the AF Association webpage, click on the Patients Section and then click on Patients Resources and scroll down and you will find both factsheets in alphabetical order. Alternatively, click on the following link.

The following link will take you to the factsheet on recovering from an ablation.

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Thank you flapjack, that’s really great :)

Really useful Flapjack - well done to those involved in its preparation.


this resource can be downloaded from

I have just hit the like button and it switched to ‘unlike’ ....most odd. Just to be clear - I like and thank you for describing how to access so clearly.

My pleasure.....👍

Thank you so much for putting this info on to this website.

Thank you Flapjack. I found all the info so helpful.

Thank you. Very useful. Am now preparing to sit around smelling the flowers whilst watching husband flying around with the hoover (when he's not peeling grapes for me)).

in reply to Petrified


Just wondering how you got on with your ablation and life now


Sounds good.....wonder how long it will last....😉

Only a thought. Fact sheets such as these should imo be encouraged to be saved on our own (as I have done) personal computers, ie view & save. .....the info will always then be on hand

Good idea, even though the post is pinned, people can easily overlook or not notice so anything to make them more accessible is welcome......

Thank you FlapJack. X

Well that all sounds more than a little disappointing! We know that levels of care vary around the UK, but generally the procedure is explained by a pre-assessment team a few day’s ahead of the procedure. Some Cardiologist’s produce very comprehensive details for the EP and maybe it is sufficient for them to rely on what they see on their monitors and equipment once the catheter’s have reached the heart,

That said, the real purpose of the factsheets was to prepare the patient and make them aware of the more non-medical issues they need to think about and from the responses we have received, they appear to have been quite helpful....

Thank you

Hi FlapJack, and any one else with an answer, in the sheet I cant see anything that refers to my problem! yesterday, our running my heart felt a little odd. I stopped and took my pulse and it was down to33 ppm. a couple of minutes later I felt odd, a little dizzy, my body shook and tingled. I took my pulse again and every 5th beat there was a pause then it would start again and then another pause. I waited a few minutes and took my pulse again almost perfect 51 PPS. Very strange, could it be the side affects of my new medication edoxaban.

As was made perfectly clear in the factsheet, it was put together by patients for patients solely to make people aware of what to expect when having an ablation and how best to prepare for it. As your question bears absolutely no connection to the factsheet and relates to medical matters I’m afraid I am unable to offer a reply.

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