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Moving right along....

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Well, I finished my RT today to my 2 visible bone mets and had pre-treatment blood tests for starting Xofigo on Wednesday next week,. Never expected things to move this quickly, but my MO and RO both think the timing is right to jump right to the next treatment before anything can progress farther. I got about 6-7 mo. pain free from last RT and they seem to think the one/two punch should work better. I sure hope they are right. Life Is Good, just hoping for even better than good.

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Get the big ones with RT, and the small ones with Xofigo - sounds like a good plan.

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Lulu700 in reply to Tall_Allen

Yah! 👏👏👏

Hoping you will get that knock out with the 1-2 punch. 😀👍🍻

That’s what I say . 👏👏

Shootem with your best shot shooter....shoot what do you have to lose........actually good luck...just tried to see howmany times i could use shoot...i got my eligard shot yesterday....just when you think your out......they reel u back in....peace bw

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Shooter1 in reply to Boywonder56

Wanted to travel a little. Now monthly blood/infusions/blood tests/ scans all scheduled through Aug. Fun summer shoehorning a life in between aPca interruptions. Life Is Good, especially if you have time to enjoy it...Garden needs attention=should have time at home to have a bumper crop this year..

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Boywonder56 in reply to Shooter1

Sounds good...gardening is good for trying to get to lake house in mi. For summer......waiting on psa results from yesterday.....if its doubled again...will be time to consider options...

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Shooter1 in reply to Boywonder56

My PSADT improved to 2 mo. Better than the 1 mo. DT I was getting before radiation.. Hope higher #'s were acct. dying cells from RT.

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Lulu700 in reply to Boywonder56

Lake house? Oh yah! That’s living! 🤙🏽

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Lulu700 in reply to Shooter1

I want your garden😎✌️

Sounds good for you. Hope to see some destruction lol.I think that combo was in a trial.

Keep on shootin!

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Shooter1 in reply to CAMPSOUPS

Hoping for good results.. Last shoot wore me out and I got the worst overall scores I ever had in a National Shoot. Only placed in 3 matches but going back for more punishment next chance I get.. Going to be really hard to travel and compete in week long match with all Med. appt. I have this year. Already scheduled for the next 6 mo. if all goes well. Life Is Good, just too busy some times....

I don't have that hobby/profession but a friend who collected guns brought me to a "cowboy shoot" one time and I participated and did pretty good. I thought it would be intense especially with people who were good at it watching me but it was fun.

A right hook , a left upper cut . A TKO in this round . My moneys on the conductor engineer amigo . 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂. A train is a coming for that dammed unwanted pc .. We ❤️ U

Good luck to you. I may go down the same path since more activity found on the thoratic. Keep us informed.

Great news Shooter Let's keep this going

All the best Shooter1


Sounds like a great plan Shooter

Im glad they are jumping on it quickly! Good luck 🍀

Loads of prayers. 🙏🙏


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