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On Covid and Vaccine posts

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Dear Community

Our 15,000 member community is a brilliant source of information, support, caring, love and empathy regarding advanced stage prostate cancer. Posts and replies regarding prostate cancer vis a vie COVID or any other health related issue are entirely appropriate. Unfortunately, I am seeing a rise in vaccine/no-vaccine COVID-focused posts that are agnostic to our advanced prostate cancer support mission. Please post those in appropriate COVID and general health-related communities, including those on other platforms such as Facebook, etc. Please allow those of us whose life journey is tempered by advanced prostate cancer to have our community remain focused and helpful. Thank you for understanding.

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Excellent and needed post Darryl. Thank-you

Good decision. Some of the posts on that topic are so misguided!

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Schwah in reply to NotDFL

Funny that you’d say “good decision” to end the debate on this site (I agree) yet continue the debate by calling others opinions ”so misguided”. Hopefully you can see the irony there?


I believe it is relevant considering our compromised health condition. Any medication that is being given to an individual whose health is compromised should be discussed.

It's about time.

Thank you so much Darryl for your leadership and keeping us focused on what might help some of us sometime.


I know I was one of the people who started a thread-I was sincere in my quest for info and I did get some that I consider valuable. I was a little surprised - probably should have not been - that some of the discussion went ...there.

I do have to share a thought : " for us who are 'TESTOSTERONE Challenged " seems to be a lot of " man energy " out there. I try to help prop my fellow travelers up. I believe there is enough real stuff out there to be growling at - like our prostate cancer - that we are dealing with.

Best to all.


Bravo !

Thank you

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