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UPDATE On 92yr old Friend and Lupron...

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Quick recap: Urologist wanted to start Lupron without even re-running labs or an MRI, when we refused the Urologist was pissed and sent us back to MO.

Today we had a consult w/Dr. Nick Vogelzang (after a 3T MRI) and he completely agreed with that decision as there are no Mets and the tumor in the prostate had only increased by 1mm since MRI 3yrs ago. Dr. V has said it is in Chuck's best interest and QOL to continue with active surveillance. We were also told that the Urologist actually called MO and told him that "if he didn't treat Chuck w/Lupron asap, he will die and and you will be committing medical malpractice"... I am dumbfounded at the gaull of this Urologist, all because little, tiny me (95lbs 💪) called him out and reminded him that he works for us and we had zero interest in improving his batting average... I really wish I had taken a picture of his face after I said that. I have to say that Dr. V's assurance that I/we made the right call.

So, to all of you care takers, spouses and loved ones, DON'T be intimidated by the white coat, do your homework, read, ask questions and above all stand in the gap for your loved one. If it doesn't make sense keep pushing until it does. Wishing all of you warriors strength and love 💕

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My senior partner in business was the smartest most successful man I know. I asked him what is the best advise he can give people that will lead to success and good health. He said, “ Always be willing to question your experts. It doesn’t matter if they are doctors, lawyers, engineers , architects or whatever. The good ones will respect you. The ones that are offended snd imply you’re too stupid to question them, run as fast as you can the other way.” I can not tell you how many times that advise has served me well in all walks of life.


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d3is4me in reply to Schwah

Hi Love this advice i need this support right now


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Nalakrats in reply to Schwah

You are so right--and I can cite--but will not, cases of men who have died in the hands of their Doctors, because they were not able to defend themselves against some really dreadful medical practice, and had no one to Advocate for them. There is no recourse--just tears!


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Saydeebugz in reply to Nalakrats

Nal, I do have to say Thank You to you as well! I have read EVERYTHING you've posted here. Your advice, thoughts and information is and has been invaluable to me in my journey of care/advocacy. I have also drawn immeasurable strength from your postings, many times a "Nal" posting/story has brought me desperately needed "calm" to keep fighting. So THANK YOU sir, you are a true blessing as well 💜

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Nalakrats in reply to Saydeebugz

It is not me alone---The Holy Spirit has a lot to do with assisting me!


Beyond impacting QoL, also consider that Lupron (with that cancer, at that age) might not even extend life. It is even possible it could help shorten it.

One might think that this urologist cared only that his patient did not die of the PC, as if dying by some OTHER cause would be perfectly fine.

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That is EXACTLY what Dr. Vogelzang said. I have thanked GOD for the blessing that Dr. Vogelzang is AND for the amazing warriors in this forum!!

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Nalakrats in reply to noahware

You ought to view Dr. Morgantaler's recent Videos on treating men as old as 94, with a Modified BAT, who had less than 6 months to live. Of course, patients signed consent documents, and from my conversations with the Doctor, before he retired, out of a group of 22 patients who were close to thinking about Hospice/or knowing their time was short---that were very aged, 2 did die, and 3 quit, and the others are into year 4--of extra quality life!


Hi Love your strength this is so true.

Excellent statement, you know your body better than anyone else. If it doesn’t sound right don’t do it. Get a good oncologist,quit messing wit the urologist. Keep up the fight warrior 🙏🙏

I use Dr Vogelzang as well ..... we are likely in the same area. He has an extensive knowledge of Prostate Cancer Treatment.

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Saydeebugz in reply to rscic

Everytime I hear a Warrior is under the care of Dr. V I send thanks to GOD!! This Dr has been in my life for over 10years, he's treated my mother, husband and now my family friend, I've been the caretaker and advocate for all of them, and I would've gone off the rails without him! If I can ever be of any help to you (even if it's just a friendly ear) I'm here, feel free to reach out 💜

Cudos to you! way to go! great advise for all of us.

You rock! Blessings to him for long happy life.

Excellent advice from both your MO as well as yourself. Advocate, ask questions and stay strong

Yes! We need to remember that “M.D.” does NOT stand for “Medical Diety”!

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CAMPSOUPS in reply to Cancer2x

Even though I feel no dissatisfaction with the medical community, dr's.That was funny.

Do you think you have time to help me handle my ex wife?......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 01/14/2022 10:16 PM EST

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Saydeebugz in reply to j-o-h-n

🤣🤣🤣🤣Go figure... My late husband's ex-wife and I are good friends, even have the same bday (just 20yrs apart 🤭)....

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j-o-h-n in reply to Saydeebugz

What a coincidence my wife and my girl friend also have the same birthday and only a day apart......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/15/2022 4:04 PM EST

Nothing like a jilted urologist! What color were his panties that he wadded up and threw at you?

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Saydeebugz in reply to dhccpa

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep the humor coming!!

He was so livid and taken aback at the fact that a tiny little woman (I'm 5', 95lb) was bold enough to question him/his advice, that all he could get out was "you need to go back to MO, I can't treat someone who won't listen to me"... It WAS a beautiful thing and I have NEVER felt so confident in a choice!!

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dhccpa in reply to Saydeebugz

Good for you. I always wonder about urologists who continue to try to hang on to the patient after cancer is diagnosed.

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TeleGuy in reply to dhccpa

This story is testament to the fact that once you have been diagnosed (and possibly have RP) by a urologist your primary cancer care should be from an MO.

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