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Happy New Year

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Coco and I want to raise a toast to all my brothers in arms. Glad to have found you.

Here is to a year, filled with love and good health and that the cure comes before the end of ‘22

Live like there is no tomorrow…


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Happy New Year to a very good-looking couple! Yes, live like there is no tomorrow!!!

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Scout4answers in reply to Lyubov

Thanks for the kind words Lyubov. Her beauty is way more than skin deep.. hey, a monkey suit will make any guy look above average.

Your photo describes a common word: Classy.

Thanks dude🥂 K-2 looks interesting

Cheers! Here’s to a good 2022

All the Best to All of you for 2022!!!

Happy New Year, Scout and Coco! Here's to one day at a time!


Sending everyone on HU a very Happy New Year , Cheers 🥂 from Kim and Clint (UK) xx.

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Kaliber in reply to 16starsky

Love you’se guys hope ‘22 is even better.



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16starsky in reply to Kaliber

Thanks , same to you D, have a good one and stay safe ❤️❤️

“ that’s what I’m talk’ I bout “ … dressed to the 9s, gotta love it. My glass raised with you Scout and Coco.


🥂Happy New Year!

Best wishes,



You da man! Happy New Year my friend.

Thanks George be well🥂

James Bond? Happy new year Scout! 🥂🥳👏👏

Party on Lulu!

Life is for living ! Salud!

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MateoBeach in reply to Lulu700

Happy 2022 to you, Scott, and to Cherie and Lulu. To strong bones and no pain. Paul

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Lulu700 in reply to MateoBeach

Thank you Sir . Same to you and the crew! Feliz ano Nuevo! 🥳🥂

First Class Toast. Thanks Scout.

Enjoy the journey…..a big part of it

Happy New Year,

Mike & Barbara

Thanks Mike🥂

Hey brother, you clean up real good! And the shades? Icing on the cake. You may have just inspired me to drop a few pounds rather than just "let myself go" as I put on a few years... even if I owned some threads quite that nice, they sure won't fit me now.

Here's to you two, too... have a happy happy!

Bot the Tux in the '80s A frugal guy like me just wants to amortize the cost.🥂

Of course! But point is, you can still get into it (and look good, to boot). Not bad, after a few decades.

I did a low-cal keto diet right after diagnosis in 2019 and got down to my 1980s weight (about 155 lb, at 5'11'). The general thought of others was, I looked like I was dying, lol... but I FELT great. However, food is an addiction for me, so I'm hoping to hit bottom soon, as I see myself creep back over 200 once again.

I thought that I Was the king of the 80’s .. back then 😳🥂

Cheers to you both and amen! 🥂



What a nice couple, happy new year.


Happy New Year. May we live to enjoy many more.


Ting-ting! Prost! To the health! HNY!


What a great couple and a great toast. Happy New Year and all the best to you both and to all on here from the UK.👏👏🥂


Same to you Brother. Live life and love to its fullest ❤️❤️❤️


Great pic. Adittude goes a long way. Cheers

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Scout4answers in reply to Ramp7


Happy New Year!! Yes, praying for a cure in 2022!! Live like there’s no tomorrow, every day is such a Blessing!!


So glad to have you here with us and looking so good. Cheers amigo. Here’s to you and Coco.

🥂Thanks Paul You are one of the guys on this forum that I would like to get to know better. You are on the path of discovery that I want to follow. I will send you a PM in the next few days, perhaps we can have a phone conversation.


Likewise. Yes PM me and we will arrange to talk. Paul

Yep! Exercise itself, is a cancer treatment. Happy New Year. Keep on keepin’ on friend.


Happy New Year Brother. Never give up Never surrender. Leo


Nothing like a beautiful woman on the arm of a guy wearing a tux who's showing off his dickie.......Happy happy new year......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 01/31/2021 7:10 PM EST

Good humor most especially, if you’ve got…Flaunt it😎

A peaceful and blissful 2022 with lot of serenity to everyone associated with our forum..men, family members, children and loved ones. I will not say ...celebrate new year with dark grapes, red wine, cauliflower, mustard greens, radishes, VitD 3+K2, Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic,Onions and more. Why I will not say this...because I know you all know this. Best wishes !🙂


Cheers to a good looking couple! Happy New Year to y’all. Enjoy every moment.

🥂 thanks for the kind words

Cheers and Happy New Year!


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