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Got my Labs

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Got my labs done after 7 months. Going back its been 14 months since my last shot of lupron.

7 months ago testosterone 28. Today 44

"" "" "" PSA. 0.01. 0.2

I pretty much enjoy not being on the lupron. Feel better, i cant paint like a pro again ( better motor skills i notice) .

I will always question pharma and doctors. So i will pose this to anyone here that wants to chime in. What would you do?

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No one can answer for you. You have to balance anxiety with rising PSA against QOL.

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Tjc1 in reply to Tall_Allen

No anxiety with the PSA. i remember being told to wait for 3 consecutive rises before being castrate challened is the only word i can come up with now. I used to know all the terms.

Flip a coin?

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Tjc1 in reply to greatjohn

Good idea!

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Kaliber in reply to greatjohn

Lol …good to see you gj …. Take care ❤️❤️❤️

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greatjohn in reply to Kaliber

We’ve just finished the first day of the epic road trip home🥰

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Kaliber in reply to greatjohn

I was wondering if you made it back home yet. Familiar comfortable home surroundings and the puppy are strong comfort incentives. Still this might be your last great road trip to enjoy. I know you have some driving help … should be fairly easy to squeeze every last juicy drop out of that trip too yayahahahaya yayahahahaya. Nice road trip with hubby and friend , ending back home with puppy that misses you …. How good is all that !!!


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greatjohn in reply to Kaliber

We are taking it slow Kentucky right now.

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Kaliber in reply to greatjohn

Slow and steady , take a look at Mammoth Cave National Park …. awesome….if you are able. I was born in northern Kentucky…. Blue grass state. Kewl ..


It’s your choice of course but I believe you should be getting the Lupron shot every 6 months. It will keep the T even lower throughout the course. In my case <10.

(The combo of abiraterone and apalutamide is causing me a lot of fatigue. I’d take the sweats from Lupron any day. I manage them with venlafaxine.)

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Tjc1 in reply to tallguy2

I know what the standards of care call for. I like to challenge Pharma a bit. Especially these days.

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tallguy2 in reply to Tjc1

Best wishes.

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Tjc1 in reply to tallguy2


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Fightinghard in reply to Tjc1

Good luck.

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Tjc1 in reply to Fightinghard

Thanks, i have had real good luck on this trip so far. Iand now i do it without fear. Makes a difference!

I’m glad you’re feeling better. However your testosterone is still of course very low, almost certainly too low for it to make the difference you describe.

It may be higher than 44. Do make sure to have it tested in the morning when levels are highest.

I would get both T and PSA checked more frequently if I were you.

Not much changes at 44. On the other hand, placebo effect is real and valuable.

On the third hand, if the PSA should rise further-and quickly with T still low-you have a decision to make.

My only real advice-keep painting!

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Tjc1 in reply to London441

Yae did it nn the morning, fasting as bad other test. Railroad retirement was playing games with me and said i didnt have medicare but turns out i did. But thats another story. That was the reason for no labs or doctor visits. My Onc sent me an email saying again i should get lupron. But im thinking maybe castration. Once and done and maybe a couple less side effects. I just sent her an email. And going to contact my urologist today about castration and a second opinion. I know my testosterone is still castrate. Coming back real slow probably because i was on lupron for 10 years. Im sure that kinda wrecked me there. Thanks for your imput. See you on the 4th!

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London441 in reply to Tjc1

10 years, no wonder then.

Castration a great option for many, permanent tho it is.

Aha yes sir the 4th!

I'll suggest something you could consider. Consult with an MO and see if they will 'play ball' and give it a chance, because it is NOT the SOC

I've done this but I will note that not everyone responds as well as I have (to date).

It is the mildest / oldest form of ADT - monotherapy - bicalutatide - AKA - Casodex.

I have virtually NO side effects and feel pretty good - compared to how I used to feel.

MAYBE - for you, it's an option that could be long lasting .....

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Tjc1 in reply to RonnyBaby

Hey thanks, yes i remember casodex. That was the big thing before Xtandi and Zytiga!

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