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RADIATION EXPOSURE DANGER from radiation treatments, PSMA scans, CT, bone scans

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I am concerned about the danger of radiation exposure

Is it going to endanger me to have another 18 F Pyl PSMA scan?

I have had the following over 10 years

1) pelvic radiation 33 treatments

2) hypofractionated radiation to the chest 76 greys 15 treatments

3) Two PSMA scan

4) several CT and bone scans

I appreciate your opinion and shared knowledge

Wishing you all good health


18 Replies
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I just feel that Gleason 9/10 metastasized aPca will get me first. Get your scan if you need it to direct your treatments. If it won't make a difference, what do you need it for? Best of luck.

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Anomalous in reply to Shooter1

Right. Kill me now or kill me later

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Christopherg in reply to Anomalous

I know 😢😢

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Christopherg in reply to Shooter1

Definitely food for thought and consideration



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Hi Christopher,

You can Google for annual & lifetime limits, but I leave it to those who have such numbers at their fingertips.

You should hear what Dr. Myers had to say about the potential effect on the immune system 7 years ago. This was at the start of interest in oligo-PCa.

Myers had been sending patients to Dr. Datoli for years & was horrified to find that some were coming back with precipitous declines in CD4+ T cells. His comments upset a lot of people - not least Datoli.


Here's a related thread of a year ago:



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Christopherg in reply to pjoshea13

Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions

I will follow through

All best wishes and good health


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treedown in reply to pjoshea13

Thanks I appreciate that Snuffy vid, I was aware of the controversy. Its why I requested the test for my T Helper cells.

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There is certainly a risk, but it is small.prostatecancer.news/2016/08...

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Christopherg in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you so much Tall Allen

I am relieved to know this


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Schwah in reply to Tall_Allen

Haven’t they actually found the exact opposite tall Allen? Whereby radiation to individual Mets was actually increasing your T cells via the abscopal affect?


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Tall_Allen in reply to Schwah

It is a different question. I think the OP is asking about the risk of a second primary cancer due to radiation exposure after 10 years or so. You are commenting on an immediate immune stimulatory effect.

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I have watched a video in youtube where two Australian PSMA specialists said that the bodily radiation absorption during a PSMA scan is less than the combined bill of a CT and a bone scan.

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Christopherg in reply to Justfor_

Good to know 😃😃

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My lymphocytes took a hit during radiation and I got a CD4 T helper count right after it ended and they were low but not below 200 HIV level per Snuff video below. I plan on getting a new test this year for comparison though anecdotally I did not get any flu or colds last winter and my wife did. I guess I have a lot to look forward to because my radiation went pretty high up. I also had a recent Dexa scan that shows osteopenia in both femoral necks but not in my spine. Ironically none of this has slowed me down I feel I may be the most fit I have been in my whole life. Just going to keep fighting every way I can think of.

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Christopherg in reply to treedown


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10 years with a 20% 5yr survival rate, I’d say your well ahead of the odds. That said this is a money machine, skip some scans if things seem stable - but you should worry about cancer progression not radiation. My 2c

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Christopherg in reply to Chugach

Always helpful to receive a perspective

Thank you so much

Sincerely Chris

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Radiation from the sun is definitely good for you, very good for you. Too much will give you cancer. Too much water can kill you too. All things come in degrees.

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