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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Had my first LU 177 today... here with Dr Luke and my Richard right before

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I made it back to Omaha. We drove all the way from Fort Lauderdale stopping quite a bit along the way and enjoying ourselves. Soul food in Nashville at Monell’s and st. Louis barbecue in St. Louis Missouri. Hung out in the bar is a little bit in Nashville. Got here on Saturday evening to get rested up for my first injection which was around noon today. I left the place with a little bit of dry mouth and feeling a little tired, so I came home to our apartment we rented And had some roasted chicken and salad and a couple of chips. After that I’m drinking lots and lots of fluid... watered down juice mostly. They want me to try to flush my bladder and kidneys out as much as possible over the next couple three days to get all the extra radiation in my system out. I’ll be back there tomorrow at his offices for some check ups and scans. It was a great day still love their office and their staff.

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Wishing you every success with your treatment. Keep us all posted.

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Thanks! Will do right now I’m sitting outside in the 90° heat in Omaha of all places where it was just snowing last week.

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90° sounds nice as does the food choices on the way northwest. Glad it's working out so far and your experience is more positive than otherwise. Ine question why no pics of food? It's kind of your thing. I love me some bbq.

Half your luck greatjohn. It will work for you im sure.

I am watching closely...I’m not far behind...will probably need LU-177 later this year.Good luck :)

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Hopefully it will be approved soon and covered by insurance and easy for everyone in this country to get. I was planning a trip to Israel which seems daunting before this trial came up and I got excepted. Good luck!

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I’m looking forward to reading positive results in a future posting from you. I hope you’ll experience a very long term remission.

Thanks for the update gj

Hello, Not to say you and Richard aren't good looking but Dr. Luke Nordquist has movie star looks as well as a cool name. I think I saw him as Luke Skywalker in one of the early Star Wars films. Good luck to you on your Lutetium journey. Lots of folks with advanced PCa interested.

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Look at that photo! WTF? I didn't know you were a badass. "You men eat your dinner eat your pork and beans, John eats more chicken than any man 's ever seen." Get your Wolverine work boots yet?

Hi greatjohn, sounds like a nice road trip and hope you do well. Are you in a trial in Omaha? If so, is that the trial where you get Lu 177 without previously having chemo?

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you can have chemo....but it has to be back before becoming castrate resistant. It's the "Splash" trial.

St Louis bbq , soul food too. Watch out for too

Many pork tenderloins. Sending healing your way friend. Cool shirt.

Great eating road trip! Wishing you the best in your treatments. Can you take a pic in the dark? Just wondering if you light up.

That's awesome! have to live every day even on a trial. Sounds like a good road trip and you are getting settled in your temporary home. Good luck with treatments.

Wishing you success....Will be rooting for you . God bless

You look so good and I love to hear that you made it a fun filled road trip. 🤞🏻Hope for an excellent response to your treatments-


Good luck John

So far... so good. Thanks Ralphie

Great news! Hope it keeps up! Enjoy the eats!

That sounds like a wonderful trip and treatment!

Great picture Great John! Wishing you success. Thank you for the update. Cheering you on from Arizona. St. Louis BBQ is one of our favorites.

Love your attitude! That must have been one heck of a trip. Wishing you the best!

Get some of those so called “ sports “ drinks. I like the sugar free grape flavor. The sports drinks that brag about replacing electrolytes on the label. They make you pee like crazy. I have to use them on the day and next day after my Zometa infusions. Works for me. I’m excited for you buddy .... I’m hoping for great results for you .


The stars are aligned for you Great John! You set the standard for taking on PC. Best wishes for effective RLT and having a good time while away from home. Get Em🚀

All the best GJ 🥰

Looking great and lovely pic of you and Doc and loved one



Good luck with the trial. We hope to do some traveling soon too. We bought a camping trailer so we can drive 40 in the fast lane as we are officially seniors. How was the traveling? Currently on ADT and have very reduced energy at times and feel like a danger on the highway. At least with the trailer we can stop anywhere instead of trying to stay awake when it does not makes sense to do so. Not sure if the ADT is failing (PSA dropping real slowly) so I am interested in trials and other treatment possibilities when it does. Was getting excited about PSMA/Ketruda but not qualified yet. Might get to do the Southern route as we have friends we should visit while we can. Any recommended stops appreciated. Not sure how I can get monthly injections when on the road but am considering castration as there is not much chance I will use those felluhs again.

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Well Sparky(my dog) and I have been castrated... it was a simple and easy procedure with almost no pain. That takes care of injections like that for me. Cities that are fun to visit in the south are Nashville, New Orleans, Charleston\Savannah. Amongst all the other cities. Being from the south I always recommend being down there in the winter when the weather is beautiful but , Of course, that always brings out all the tourists. So much variety, so much to see all over the U.S. and we’ve also driven a bit in western Canada. Every day is a miracle! Enjoy!

I am very surprised that you are allowed outside the hospital the same day as you receive the treatment. In Europe there are very strict regulations to protect other citizens from being radiated from the lutetium you carry in your body. Here you must stay in the clinic for at least 40 hours after treatment.If you place yourself in front of a Geiger counter right now it will go crazy!

I should have clarified:The picture was before my injection. After the injection I was taking around the building to avoid other people and to meet at my car with my friend for the short drive home and told to not get close to him or to other people for approximately 48 hours. If I do leave the Apartment it’s supposed to be very briefly and not with any time around other people especially younger people, pregnant women or children.


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spencoid2 in reply to greatjohn

I have a great little Geiger counter that I bother people with in my treatment. I am having a radioactive bone scan today and will be checking my progress. When I had IMRT i brought it just to see if there was any scattering. well the whole room was radioactive when the machine went off and i had accidentally left the alarm on. the technicians said i didn't need to bring it next time :) I have also used it to check myself after PET scans.

I know it’s been a long road to get you here and I don’t mean just your road trip. Glad you finally arrived and start it. You have a Lotta guys rooting for you here for good success.


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greatjohn in reply to Schwah

I keep thinking that this is a dream... There were so many hoops to jump through and hurdles to jump over. I didn’t believe it was really going to happen until the very moment the shot was in!

Looking good, John! Thanks for the update, wishing/praying for great success with this treatment!

You go, girl.

Thanks for all the updates and I hope this treatment has some magic that keeps you cancer free for some time to come. I'm always a little suspicious of anybody who says drink extra water to flush out your body, because my understanding is that the kidneys will do a good job of that as long as you're not dehydrated. BUT (and this is a big BUT) in your specific case the extra fluid will keep the radiation that has been filtered out from spending extra time in you kidneys and bladder. Better out than in applies to radioactive urine as well as farts.

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Yeah that’s exactly how they explained it to me. They just want to keep the kidneys and bladder flushed out and run as much through as possible.

Great pic of the triumvirate team. Looking for great success and a long life with this intervention.

G J,

You are something of a pioneer for those of us who may someday get this treatment in the USA. So please do continue to keep us posted on your progress. Hoping it works out great for you!


Hey guy! Sending you the best. Love the pic. All the work behind the scenes. You did it! Now take good care of yourself....

Lutetium here in the USA, a hunky doc and the great midwestern culinary tour! How great is that?

You guys look like an awesome couple. That support is so crucial to recovery. You are going to kill it! .....Literally!

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greatjohn in reply to dmt1121


Sounds like a great start! Keep the updates coming!

Best of luck Brother keep us posted.

Glad to know you could start your treatment and tolerated the Lu 177 pretty well. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you will have a long run with this treatment.

Congratulation, John! I had my first injection of Lu177 on March 18 in New Delhi and it was a breeze. PSA dropped from 17 to 4 in alittle over a month. Heading back to India in May for my second treatment dose. Hope your treatment goes as smoothly as mine did with even better results. Cheers!

I have been looking into going to India for treatment and also to Israel. I had actually gotten excepted for the treatment at the Sheba hospital in Tel Aviv, but this trial call me just at the same time and it seems like a no-brainer. Traveling outside the country now with Covid makes me especially apprehensive. Hoping for the best for us all! Can’t wait to hear how you do after your second infusion.

Best of luck guy!

Best of luck. Your a pioneer for us in the US.

Keep up the good work...... I understand that you and Richard are writing a book entitled "How the two of us ate America". You have given a new meaning to the word TREATment...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 04/27/2021 9:41 PM DST

So happy for you!! Nice pic. Praying you have a great response

Great photo + Best of luck!

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greatjohn in reply to Lavender22

Thanks 🙏🏻

I saw the title included "Dr. Luke" and thought "could it be?" Yes, it is. Small world. He is my medical oncologist for prostate cancer here in Omaha as well. Great facility and a great guy. :)

For people in the lobby I keep hearing only great things about him and the staff and the facility and so far I concur with all of them! You’re lucky to live nearby.

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