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Testosterone Therapy in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer / June 2019

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Good video: see link below

Abraham Morgentaler, MD, explains new concepts that could subvert the long-held belief that high levels of testosterone exacerbate prostate cancer growth...


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Thanks for posting George.

Best of luck on this journey.!!

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George71 in reply to tango65

thanks, you too !

Thanks. I watched it all. Interesting. I would have thought that by now there would be more statistically validated certainty regarding the testosterone - PCa relations that he discusses.

I assume this has nothing to do with the validity of Dr. Morgentaler's conclusions, but, as you've probably surmised, the companies listed on his disclosure chart are all in the testosterone replacement business.

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noahware in reply to Gearhead

It is true that the doc has been a "T-pusher" for decades, which he admits, but this could be a rare case where self-interest pushes one to FIND the truth, rather than hide it. He asks the question, "Is my chosen product as bad as they say, in THIS one respect?"

It may very well be there are other respects in which T-therapy IS harmful, that some TRT docs know about and do not discuss. But this particular one may be a win-win that he is happy to discuss. Remember when tree nuts were put into the "junk food" category by some, because they were high in fat? Nut growers are now all too happy to discuss the GOOD aspects of their products!

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Bobrat in reply to Gearhead

Glad you pointed that out!

Thanks for posting. It's a good one. I have listened to this a few times in the past year, and it is filled with tidbits that I missed on the first listen (like "over 50% of men over 50 have microscopic evidence of PC").

He sells both Huggins and T-therapy a little short in this lecture, because Huggins later wrote that there were three basic hormonal options that might benefit men with PC:

1) no T (via castration)

2) high-E therapy

3) high-T therapy

In April 2015 decided on no ADT so had Castration for GL10 and as I have mentioned previously I receive Cypionate injections bi-weekly since Jan. 2016.

Please, Can you tell me what your treatment plan is? Do you take DHT and aromatase blockers?

My very simplistic treatment might be considered as being "insane or malpractice in action" but nothing more than the castration, cryoablation, a 3 drug one time injection into prostate after ablation (each drug approved for treating other cancers but not at liberty to disclose at this time) with my understanding that it might not help, with only adding 1700mg/day Metformin and Avodart (Dutasteride). The GL10 was in right side and contained with some lesser in left side, early detection with no indication of prostate issues present.

“but not at liberty to disclose at this time”

Another Mystery Treatment. Not what we need here

MYSTERY because my treatment is NOT APPROVED and PLAIN and SIMPLE, I might have signed my own DEATH CERTIFICATE in doing it. Your BIO indicates that you feel you were screwed, I KNOW THAT I COULD HAVE SCREWED MYSELF and do not at this time have the OK from my doctor to reveal what he used and in what quantities. You and others have been through HELL with everything y'all have endured and I feel ashamed that at this point being 5+ years into my Gleason 10 I've experienced almost nothing negative and it will take more years to see if this is working. If you want info about my doctor to possibly inquire about his procedures, a simple youtube -- AKA Doctor Hope will provide his journey info.

Good Luck and sorry to have ticked you off.

I understand your statement and accept your reason

Untill you have evidence that it is working you wouldn't want to encourage others to go for it

When you do have the results

Please post and please share

We are all searching for the best treatment to live longer or in some cases be cured

Wishing you the best

Bodysculpture wrote >>> "... When you do have the results

Please post and please share..."

Thank you for understanding my position since I have only 5 years into this journey and we all know that "One Shoe Does Not fit All"

p.s. - since FDA approval has been granted for the use of 2 of my 3 drugs as a COMBO TREATMENT (not for PCa however) I will reference >>> cancerhealth.com/blog/fda-a...

Physicians have the right and authority to prescribe any medication “off label” for any condition that they feel is professionally appropriate even if not FDA approved for that condition.

They do not have the right to withhold disclosure of the name, dosage and major known side effects of those drugs from the patient. This is central to the principle of informed consent.

To do otherwise smacks of quackery.

MateoBeach wrote >>> " ... They do not have the right to withhold disclosure of the name, dosage and major known side effects of those drugs from the patient... "

My wife and I know AND OUR BANK ACCOUNT KNOW$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!! ;0)

i thought it was strange that when I stopped taking Androgel after 6 years of a low dose is when my cancer presented itself. It took a couple years. or maybe the Androgel caused it. I will never know.

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noahware in reply to Anomalous

I assume you were taking it for low-T? Interestingly, it may be more likely that your prior hormonal regime of low-T was more closely linked to causing or accelerating the cancer than the TRT. If nothing else, this would be because PC generally has a very long lifespan before it reveals itself as clinically significant... usually it's not just a few years but more like a few decades in the making!

Thank George very interesting

I didn't think testosterone and the brain had any connection at all


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