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Sharing from spouses, partners, caregivers of APC experience?

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I am not there yet (13 years with PC and still going) but as I turned 73 this year my thoughts have wandered into the future and wonder what my last few years of APC will be like. So for members of this forum that are spouses, partners or caregivers of your loved one that had passed, can y’all share what life for him was like during those late stages? My father-in-law and brother-in-law both died of undiagnosed PC, and I recall their last couple of years as being depressing to me, unable to do anything without help. I know this is kinda morbid and depressing, but I hope your story will help some of us.

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I have been around for 27 years. For most men it will mean dying of something else, not prostate cancer.

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Yes you probably hold the record or close. However, I think you are the exception, not the rule. You are right up there with the Koch brother who died yesterday. Even with all his billions he couldn't win against it but had something like 28 years after diagnosis with prostate cancer.

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Given my diagnosis early in life I too will eventually die from Pca.

Hey, I will really appreciate any responses to this post as I want to prepare now for the fight!!

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The caregivers of those who died would not be visiting this site anymore. At times, caregivers on this site share the sad news of their loved ones' deaths. Health Unlocked lists "Related Stories" on the same page. So you can go back and read postings by the patients or caregivers.

Another site called has a section called Survivor Stories. These stories can be filtered in various ways--Gleason score, PSA, treatments, time since dx, or whether someone has died. If you choose that filter, you can read through the stories to see what the last years were like.

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Thank you. I ill follow the links mentioned.

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Thanks so much for the direction. Just what I need, but it is sad. But for that, "" can cheer you up.

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I lost my father in 2017 to MCRPCa. Still had his prostate as the diagnosis was made well after distant mets were detected. He was blessed to never have bone pain. Lost bowel and bladder function 2 weeks before he passed. Lost a lot of weight two years before he passed. I miss my father very much, but am grateful that he never had to experience multiple months on morphine.

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Well, personally I think it would be better to live life as best as you can each day without worrying/thinking too much about the future, particularly as this journey is different for everyone of us ad their loved ones. But, since you have asked:

My husband was diagnosed in 2003, had various hormone treatments and radiation until 2014, was changed to Zytiga, developed liver mets two years later, was 8 months on Chemo and passed away from various infection which his body was no longer able to fight because the system was too compromised after the long fight and particularly Chemo.


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Your heart stops....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

J-o-h-n Thursday 08/29/2019 7:05 PM DST - Pinnes

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