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Chemo experiences anyone who is undergoing or has undergone I need to know what to expect


I may be getting a head of myself but I like to be prepared in what to expect. I have written several times even in this past week.

My dad may soon be starting chemo. What kind and how much and so forth I don’t know yet.

He is 81 lives alone my mom died 3-2018 we are still grieving her loss and he is taking it harder. So I go and visit every weekend.

But now with this possible chemotherapy I don’t know what to expect. How sick will he be after treatment? Will he be able to cook and bath or not. I ask cause I don’t know if I should convince him to move in with me and my kids so I can take care of him or will he be able to handle this?

Anyone who has gone through this please let me know what to expect and how you handled it.

Thank you,


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I've had 19 chemo treatments so far with more ahead of me. I just started a short chemo holiday then I'll be doing the chemo again. As far as what to expect, I'd study the side effects for the type of chemo your dad will be receiving. With that said, ChemoTherapy for me has not been that bad of you are prepared. Usually the 1st and 2nd treatments are the worst, then your body adjusts and you learn how to minimize the side effects. Everyone is different which could cause the side effects to be different.

Thanks for responding if you don’t mind me asking did you lose your hair? And were you able to do stuff for yourself like cook, clean take a walk?

I was on Taxotere or Docetaxel. Similtaar to others, the first 4-5 days were the worst, but that was mostly fatigue. I take it more easy the first week after Chemo, then have the other two weeks where we have a bigger schedule. Because of the fatigue I had a few naps. But I still went to the gym, took a shower every day, helped cook the food etc. I have been lucky to not have any nausea or diarrhea. I have got trush, so I watch that closely and have medication for it. I've had a little neurophathy, sometimes swollen feet. I use compression socks and wear shoes or slippers all of the time to prevent it. My doctor gives me a neulasta shot as part of the Chemo treatment. It does cause some bone and joint pain. With Chemo, there is an increased risk of blood clots, I had a couple about a year ago and ended up in the hospital over night with a pulminary embolism. My doctor has me now on blood thinner medication. The blood thinner medication that you can take when on Chemo is called Nuelasta. Your other option is a twice daily blood thinner shot. Overall, if you plan ahead and anticipate problems that you could have, you are able to minimize them a lot. Be careful to stay away from sick people, you can catch a bug much more easily. We carry hand sanitizer and wipes with us and use them frequently.

Good luck to you and your father

Hello sir I have a question what does chemo do for the cancer if it doesn’t cure it, I’m wondering if it’s worth putting my dad through this. If there is no cure? What is the point. Again I’m sorry if I sound stupid but I’m trying to understand. Thank you, Olivia

The Docetaxel ChemoTherapy kills off the fast growing cells in the body. So this includes cancer cells, white and red blood cells, your hair, stomach lining etc. Unfortunately it doesn't kill all of the cancer cells or anything else I have mentioned. They do not have a cure for prostate cancer yet, all they can do is prolong your life, which i am grateful for.

Thank you

Everyone is different of course, but as a general rule the chemotherapy (Taxotere) Docetaxel which he would most likely be getting is very tolerable for most. I've been through 6 cycles of it. And while I can say it wasn't exactly a picnic, it was not that bad. The first 4-5 days after infusion are the worst, but even during that time I was up and around, sometimes cooking or doing light chores. Had some nausea and diarrhea, but never threw up once. They gave me meds for that, but didn't use them once. I did end up sitting around a lot during the first week, but after that you start feeling better fairly quickly. By around 10 days I was pretty much back to normal. Along with the side effects, you also have to consider that he will likely start feeling an improvement, I experienced an improvement in my pain and just felt better in general. I know it's scary, but many of us here have been through it and tolerated it well. Hope he does well with it.

Olivia007 in reply to gregg57

Thank u and bless u

gregg57 in reply to Olivia007

I'm ready to do it again if it will help me. I think that says something.

I read some of your past postings. My oncologist started me with 6 infusions of taxotere immediately after my diagnosis of stage 4 aggressive metastasized prostate cancer. I am now on a clinical trial that so far seems to be working for me. I'm not going to kid you, but me and chemo did not get along. I did lose almost all of my body hair, I had a weeks hospital stay when my WCB went down to almost zero. I had finger nail and toe nail infections as well as many fevers and fatigue. ER visits were common for me. It also came with much muscle and bone pain as well as inside nose and mouth sores. But again everyone is different. Your Dad is lucky he has you. Do a lot of research beforehand. Talk to your oncologist and set him up with all remedies that will make this course of treatment bearable for him. So I'm not sugar coating this for you. Sorry. But I'll tell you this, without chemo, I wouldn't be here right now. So again everyone handles it differently. Hopefully if your Dad has to go forward with this, he'll handle it well. Good luck to you both.


I think the Neulasta is for your white blood cell count, if it gets to low. Mine did go low, but they used a different drug to raise it. I had 8 cycles taxotere. Drove myself back and forth for each cycle. Was 68, living alone, and quite able to take care of myself. Mostly just the blahs. Lost big toenails after chemo, but they grew back. Did develop foot neuropathy after chemo. Some use ice on feet during infusion. I did not know at the time. Big thumb nails were warped but are ok now. Did lose a lot of hair but is pretty much all back now. If dad is active I wouldn't worry. Dexamethasone gave me insomnia for 3 days. Keep food on hand that he can munch on cause appetite can be low. Good luck.

May I ask if the chemo is not a cure what is it doing for men with prostrate cancer and bone Mets, I’m wondering is it worth going through all that sickness if it’s not going to cure it what will it do? This question is for anyone who reads it.

gregg57 in reply to Olivia007

There is no cure for stage 4 prosate cancer, only life extending treatments. The costs always have to be weighed against the benefits before taking any treatment.

Did you get a second opinion about his chemo?

81 years young? Hmmmmm With the grieving of your mother's recent passing I would (as you definitely are) reconsider putting him through chemo. If you have other siblings it may be a good time to discuss it with them, if you don't, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. I really feel for you... Bless you for taking care of him...and may God help you in deciding what you should do. Remember God is on your side...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 03/30/2019 1:14 PM EDT

Olivia007 in reply to j-o-h-n

Thank u, today we talked about chemo and he said NO and I started to cry he’s like u said been through a lot with my moms passing (she died in his arms she was sick for 6 years on dialysis and a lot of other health issues) he can barely walk without his cane I don’t know how he would handle the side effects or can he handle them of chemo.

It’s so hard especially at his age, he even can’t handle the zytiga pills he gets up to take them on an empty stomach at midnight goes back to bed so when he gets up At 6am he can eat since u can’t take those pills with food.

Oh it’s so hard but we will figure it out.

Again thank u for your input and ur understanding


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