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Anyone Familiar With a Research Study JH17U01?


I met with Dr. Morgans at Northwestern last week for my possible participation in this study. It involves combining Xtandi with a drug referred to as LY2157299. Its in phase II. My MO at Northshore referred me. The research is supported by Johns Hopkins and Eli Lilly. Right now it up to my insurance if I can participate.

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I am currently on this trial. The mystery drug is put out by Eli Lilly. I have been on this trial for 3 years. The only side effect is gas, big time.

These links have some information about LY2157299.. It seems that it can sensitize the PC cells to enzalutamide.

JLS1 in reply to tango65

Thank you!! I was looking for more info on the phase 1 results.

tango65 in reply to JLS1

Best of luck!!

Is anyone familiar with Dr. Morgans generally as an oncologist for purposes of being a primary oncologist for a prostate cancer patient?

I seem to have heard her name come up before.

Pierreb in reply to cesanon

Hi. I met her for the first time last week with my father. I too have seen her name come up as well both on this forum and on-line in general. I am so grateful to Tall Allen which I believe mentioned her name in response to a post I made. We really liked Dr Morgans. I believe she is one of the best in the Chicago Land area specializing in prostate cancer. Maha Hussain I believe is also part of that team and I believe she is a highly respected prostate cancer researcher/pioneer. I also believe that there is an equally respected team at the University of Chicago. We also met Peter Odonnell at U of C and we really liked him as well

The Prostate Cancer Foundation also has North Western and U of C listed as the only 2 world renowned treatment centers in IL.

Hex40 in reply to Pierreb

I was there for 2 reasons one for the clinical trial and the other to get a second set of eyes on my current treatments from Northshore. She confirmed that the treatments I was receiving were consistent with my diagnosis and she spoke positively regarding my MO.

I just checked the label on my mystery drug. The LY numbers are different than this study. My bad.

monte1111 in reply to Magnus1964

I want what you're having.

What study are you on?

I don't think the study has a name the bottle with the mystery drug says LY3023414. It's from Eli Lilly.

I just saw this trial while researching another MO at Northshore for a 2nd opinion. Did you get in the trial?

Overcoming Drug Resistance in Metastatic Castration-Resitant Prostate Cancer with Novel Combination of TGF-G Recepto Inhibitor LY2157299 and Enzalutamide: A Randomized, Multi-Site Phase II Study

Aims: The purpose is to test the effectiveness and safety of combining enzalutamide with LY2157299 in men with advanced castrate resistant prostate cancer.

Principal Investigator: Daniel Shevrin, MD

IRB Approval Number: EH19-186

Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University

Contact: Interested patients should contact research nurse Tara Flanagan at 847.570.1768

Open to Enrollment: Yes

Hex40 in reply to JLS1

Small world Dr. Shevrin is my MO. At the time I did this trial it was only available at Northwestern. I ended up in the Xtandi only arm and failed after 3 months.

I've heard wonderful things about Dr. Shevrin, esp that's he's very kind and empathetic. Far too many doctors have horrible bedside manners, and aren't careful with their words. They can be VERY cruel, creating horrific added stress, which fuels the cancer!!! Sad to say, we've had this happen too often. How a doctor delivers disappointing news can make a HUGE difference to the patients, and their family members.

Hex40 in reply to JLS1

Your description of Dr. Shevrin is spot on. He also has a great nurse also who sensed the mental impact my diagnosis had put on me. She put the wheels in motion to get the additional help I needed. Without it I’m not sure I would still be here.

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