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Lu177-PSMA London Clinic UK

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Hi all....information , experiences , and opinions requested please on Lutetium 177- PSMA radio ligand treatment at " The London Clinic " , Marylebone , London .

I am researching options in UK for the above treatment which I believe is now available. Similarly any experience or information on the VISION trial at Royal Marsden with the same procedure would be much appreciated.

I have not ruled out the procedure in Heidelberg....any updates from there please.

Many thanks,

Michael UK

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There have been a number of posts about it. Try putting this in the google search bar (the search bar on this site is useless): Lu 177 PSMA 617 VISION

Thank you very much Tall_Allen ...the above link appears to have been deleted .

( could be me not driving web properly!)

I have in the meantime finally got to speak with somebody at the London Clinic who informs me that the procedure is not yet being done there...sometime soon...maybe March ! ..... so I think Heidelberg is calling.

I'll try again tomorrow by phone to Royal Marsden re VISION trial and will update.

Thank you.

Michael UK

Hi Michael

I had PSMA pet at London Clinic, all very efficient. Cost £2588 worth paying a bit extra to see their Doctor straight after. Quoted £8685 for Lu177 including overnight stay or £7805 without stay per session, probably need 4-6 sessions.

The Marsden were a nightmare to try to talk to left messages but didn’t call back. PSMA pet £3700!

Enquired about trials seems you have to have exhausted all other treatments before you qualify.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Ian.

When did you get that quote for the Lu177 treatment please?

Specifically was that quote from " The London Clinic" Devonshire Place W1?

I did get to speak with a secretary yesterday at the above hospital who quoted considerably higher prices but they are not doing the procedure there yet anyway.

Royal Marsden....I cannot get to speak to anybody but will try another angle at that later.

Do I assume that you have not yet had Lu 177?

I sent an enquiry to the University

Clinic , Heidelberg last night and was informed that I will have a treatment plan fully priced and returned to me in no more than 5 days............and I bet I will .My UK enquiry experience is not inspiring confidence in my having treatment here......that's if one can get it!

Any recent update on Heidelberg Actinium 225 anybody?

Many thanks for your reply Ian.


I just had a PSMA scan in Melbourne. Cost was £1000. You could pay for flight AND have a holiday, and still save money c/w London! (I live in UK)

in reply to Miguelnumerouno

Please share what you can from your inquiry to Heidelberg if you don't mind. Unrelated....we were there briefly in September 2018 on vacation. What a beautiful city and area on the Rhine. Charming place to have a treatment if you ask me.


How are you doing, did you have any more progress with London Clinic or are they still only doing PSMA pet scan.

Kind regards


Hi Ian...

I believe that still is the case ...scan only.

I've just come back from Heidelberg...lu177 and actinium225 ...I'll be posting on here next couple of days.



Boy, who's ripping you guys off? I looked into the VISION study but decided on TRITON II instead. I'm in Oregon and would have had to go down to Los Angeles for the PSMA check. The VISION study would have paid my travel expenses as well as those of two companions. And, of course, all treatments free. My only expenses would have been a two hour drive to Portland every time I needed a LU-177 injection. I could have had all the bone scans, blood tests, etc. done right here in Corvallis - at the study's expense.

You are getting rolled.

Many hundreds of men have had Lutetium 177 therapy in Australia on a commercial basis. See My brother had a good result from two injections (AUD9600 each) 24 months ago. The Ca returned 4 months ago and has now had two more treatments. His dose was only 65% strength due to state of his kidneys. He was told that the therapy was now a 'holding' therapy, which keeps the Pca at bay for about 2 years. They are working on different peptides that might improve the Lutetium uptake.

we are booked in for psma pet scan this Monday coming at London clinic, is Lu-177 still available there its saying on their website its not available within the uk now after previously stating it was????

Update on my enquiry:

The London Clinic ( Devonshire Place) is NOT doing the Lu177 procedure for the "foreseeable" future .( as of mid March 2019) .

VISION Trial at Guys London is NOT up and running ( contrary to what is suggested on net and that is directly from one of the lead investigators there to me ) and generally the considered candidate for the trial will have exhausted

" all other avenues" of treatment before having Lu177 even though there may be indications that early use of it may prove more beneficial. I cannot comment whether Royal Marsden or Bristol are up and running with VISION

yet .

Germany : I am having first Lu 177 treatment Monday 18th March at University Hospital Heidelberg and will post updates on that along the way.

To arrange treatment there it is better ,and faster , to go to their

"International Page" where your enquiry , together with documents and files, can be uploaded to a folder personal to you which will be given a number and a case officer allocated to it. Stick to that procedure only , ie no direct e mails which will be ignored , and you will receive a rapid and efficient response from the team at Heidelberg. Cost for first treatment including 2 nights stay and procedure ( no PSMA pet scan included) is £11450 ....13150 euros.

More to follow.


Hi Michael, we are hoping to travel from N.ireland to LU177 treatment after a PSMA scab in London clinic. Can I ask how your experience was in Heidelberg from contacting them through to receiving the treatment? We are trying to decide on which clinic is best and have read some bad reviews on heidlberg so would really appreciate your opinion! Thanks

I had no problems...just back and I will open a full resumé/ pointers which hopefully will be beneficial to you....probably be Wednesday....


Thanks Michael

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