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Radiation Oncologist

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Looking for recommendations that will be close. Can anyone recommend for Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ. Or anywhere in Southern New Jersey area??

I need to work while doing this. Looking for any help and information from those that have had 8 weeks of radiation.

This was recommended by Urologist since recurrence of a doubling PSA for last 5 months. Should I do more than radiation at the same time to have a better and longer remission result??


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Not sure how close Hackensack hospital is to you, but I’ve heard good things about their prostate cancer team. I can try to get a name for you. I also know that my husband’s former oncologist, we are currently at Mt sinai in Manhattan,

Who came from NYU moved to Rutger? Cancer Institute is nj. She was wonderful but not sure if she is still there. I’m woild check out both of these hospitals if the location works for you.

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Thank you. Yes, please give me the name of the radiation oncologist at Rutgers. It’s still far but possibly manageable. I appreciate your reply!

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DR Tina Mayer is still at Rutgers in new Brunswick also known as CINJ ( Cancer Institute of NJ)

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DR Ferrara left Rutgers in July and is now back in NYC . Dr Stein left Rutgers and is now in NYC at NYPresbyterian

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Thanks for the update! Then still searching.

I went to Fox Chase in Philly. That was the best I could find 12 years ago. I would see Eric Horowitz

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Yes, Tall Allen also recommended him. That’s a 35- 40 minute commute w/o treatment time. I need to be able to work to continue to afford to save my life. What a country!!!!

I might have already replied but Dr. Trina Poretta of comprehensive cancer in Berlin Voorhees saved my life from incompetent doctors my PSA was 11,000. It is now 0.1

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OMG !! No you haven’t, but that is a great recommendation. If you don’t mind sharing your story from diagnosis until today , I’d really appreciate hearing the details. Especially of your treatments that worked with Dr. Poretta. Thank you! Thank you!

Real simple. Original doctors were too busy to read and anayze my scans. I was just a $. The original Dr was out. Dr Poretta filled in. I expected nothing from her. Instead, she enlightened me to things my doc missed, like a tumor in scapular region. She immediately sent me for 10 periods of radiation at Uni Penn Voorhees Rt 73 Dr Wilson (he was great) and that helped. Scan from 6 months ago showed its shrinking. Dr Trina Poretta is detailed oriented and caring. I have found that most of these docs see you as a commodity $ and actually are bored. Get a second opinion from her. Her. Not an associate. Same with Dr Wilson ( the others are not my cup of tea ; I know 2 nurses that work there. Good luck. If you go tell her the Penn State Season Ticket Holder still admires her detailed skills.

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