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Anybody ever have a stricture in their uretha, mine is right up by my prostate, whatever’s left of it, I’ve had a Supra pubic catheter draining ny bladder for 7 months now with a leg urine bag. Wanted to have a turn done but my uro says I would probably be incontinent because of my cancer, she said the stricture was from trauma, was wondering if this was the result of a poorly executed biopsy.

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Hubby had second TURP last month. 8 months after initial turp. Cystoscope showed initial “scar tissue buildup “. He went in for day surgery and released three hours later. We removed his catheter ourselves 4 days later. Other than some temporary incontinence and the odd dribbling he has no issues. Unfortunately I have no info on supra pubic catheter. Can you get second opinion?

Sheri (wife, caregiver, cheerleader)

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Captsquid2u in reply to Tub111

I did go to get a second opinion, and that urologist said the same thing though he did not do any kind of exam, etc. thanks for you’re quick response.

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How do you know you need a TURP?

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Hubby went from frequently peeing to almost an absolute shut off in a 3-4 week period of time. Urologist on his exam immediately booked his surgery and explained how he was going to open his stream up and remove prostate tissue for relief. Second time around same issue where it was scar tissue buildup and regrowth of prostate with a slow down in pee stream.

He dislikes the surgery side effects but so happy he has no permanent catheter and can pee again for now...

Sheri (wife, caregiver, cheerleader)

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My husband keeps having to get catheters after he had a SP aug 2, he had kidney failure three weeks ago due to his catheter clogging up and he didn’t pee for three days before the ER. We just went and do a cat scan today and they show he still has a leak inside and retaining urine and his kidneys are not functioning the left is worse than right. Not sure what they are going to do.

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Our first TURP led to many problems as well. Flushing after operation did not remove all tissue and had to go to emergency twice for catheterization over two post op weeks. He had a total of 1500ml urine removed. Both times. Bladder had been so stretched from not peeing before operation that it led to kidney stones which we had no idea of till he shot it out one morning. Was told bladder may never contract and was taugh self catheterization. Happy to say it did and kidneys came back to 100% function.

I am so sorry to hear of your husbands troubles. We all think surgery will go “normal” and recovery will be “normal “ but it’s amazing the differences each body has.

I pray your hubby will get the best and fastest medical attention for his situation. ❤️

Friend of mine had it done but he did not have pca

Did you have RT of the prostate since you stated "whatever's left of it"?

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No started on casadex now on Lupron one monthly injection, Zytiga. And prednisone the only way I found out that my cancer had metastatsized was by going to a rheumatologist. Had been to the best urologists in NYC many MRIs. Pet scans, bone scans, none of the Drs. Told me anything. My primary dropped me when he learned I had metastatic stage 4, after over 30 years of being my Dr. said he was downsizing his clients. Think he was afraid of a lawsuit. He had me on a clinical trial for Repatha, which I never used, have a refrigerator full. My PSA was what they consider high now six years ago! Go figure, the rheumatologist said the Drs. We’re letting me fall through the cracks after reading my then latest bone scan, he even called me at night from his home.

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Has an RP ever been discussed?

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No not by my oncologist

It's most likely from the cancer growing that is closing up your urethra. If Lupron and Zytiga did not shrink it, your only options are TURP or RP, but they both carry risk of incontinence, especially if the bladder meck cannot be spared. There's a new technique that involves embolization of the artery that supplies the prostate - perhaps talk to a urologist who has experience with that.

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I wonder if something called 'Rezum' could be an alternative treatment option to TURP.

I've sported a supra-pubic catheter for five weeks. To have to deal with that for 7 months can't be pleasant.

Would like to know more about this thank you! I love to body surf, scuba dive I feel like I’m a prisoner of this spra pubic catheter, I disconnect it all day and almost empty my bladder through my penis a little painful, but the flow is getting better, appreciate your c,oncern and please share any info, thank you so much!

Thank you Tall Allen. It’s been torturous, I disconnect the bag and use a flip flow valve where the bag connects, I’m able to pea normally but takes effort and I believe I am doing the right thing, don’t want my bladder to get atrophied, after I pea normally it’s a struggle but getting better, my urologist, who I havny seen in 5 months just wants me to keep using the bag, I refuse and doing kegel excises when I pea and it’s a struggle but I believe I want to be rid of this Supra pubic catheter. I’m a writer I wrote a piece about this, I’m a fighter and believe in my body. The urologist never suggested I do this but he’s probably never had to experience this . What do you think? I respect your opinion,thank you!

Get a 2nd opinion -- see a different urologist if you can.

Did her a second opinion same diagnosis, thanks!

I don't think kegels will help- they may hurt. They are used to stop the flow.

Couldn’t open up your post!

Or maybe that’s all there was.

Maybe there not kegels I’m doing , it’s working just have to keep trying to open up the scar tissue enough for a decent flow , which I have but not everytime

I pea through my uretha but does not completely Void the bladder. The flow seems to be getting better and when I connect the urine bag. I still get the sensation to pea through my penis.

Thanks ! Will see him tomorrow!

I had a complete stricture and unable to pee, caused by cancer impacting urethra in prostate area. I had a TURP with no benefit, still couldn't pee. I had a second TURP (plus radiation) and now I can pee, but I'm also fairly incontinent and wear incontinence pads. I was self catheterising before (Intermittent) and I would prefer a bit of incontinence to that any day.

I had a stricture when my orthopaedic surgeon tried to put a catheter in after my hip replacement surgery. I was sent that afternoon to a urologist who luckily fitted me in between his operations and put a camera up my urethra and said scarring from my radiation was blocking it. He put two different sized wires up & said he had cleared it. He referred me back to my urologist who had performed a TURP 12 months before my aggressive G9 PCa was diagnosed. He said that because my flow was ok he wouldn’t do any more as it cause more scarring. I still get a bit of blood and small clots when I urinate at times 2 years since my radiation. I asked about this again with my oncologist yesterday and she said this can happen after radiation and that the prostate is still there almost the same size after radiation.

Thanks everyone, tried two urologist they sad the same thing, still think there must be something that can be done.

I had a stricture following radiation. My urologist did a balloon dilation which really helped. I self catheterize every 4 hours as my bladder is dysfunctional-before the dilation is was painful to pass the catheter. I was told by my urologist to try to self catheterize rather than have a supra public catheter. He was right. It helps to have a caring nurse teach you.

It's not fun to self catheterize but we don't get to choose.

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WSOPeddie in reply to Essex488

It was stories like this that scared me away from radiation and towards HIFU. I hope your condition improves.

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