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PARP Inhibitors Galahad Trial


Since I became chemo-resistant in May this year, and failed to have any response at all to Xtandi, I had blood drawn for prescreening for Galahad trial a few weeks ago (they extract CTC from blood rather than doing an invasive tumour biopsy).

I got back test results yesterday - somatic DNA tested positive to BRCA2 mutation. I will now move onto the main trial. I need to have CT and bone scans to set baseline and then can start taking Niraparib. Hopefully within next 2 weeks.

PTEN mutation was not tested as this trial is restricted to PARP inhibitors. My post-RP biopsy in 2015 showed 5% intraductal PCA and with aggressive growth of cancer since then I assume that I have lost PTEN expression but that is a problem for another day.

Anybody else on Galahad trial, or tried Niraparib? How did it go, and what (if any) side effects did you encounter?

Ever onwards!

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They just presented early results from a similar trial TRITON 2 at the ESMO conference. A similar PARP inhibitor (rucaparib) shrank tumors in about half of the men with somatic or germline BRCA1/2 mutations.

Here are the details (you'll have to blow it up to read it):

And here is an analysis showing how well the CTC analysis conformed to actual tumor tissue:

We Have now it appears 3 PARP Inhibitors, for the BRCA Twins---1-2.

Best locally tested results that were not Phase trial tested was the Nano-Sized Particles, of Olaparib---testing done by Dana Farber in Mass. At heir headquarters. They got a 30 % increase of results measured by PSA Reduction, and Met Reduction, over STD Olaparib.

But there is no info I have that they are going to move forward.

As to PTEN--it is common with Ductals--and sorry you have not tested yet--as there is not really a major breakthru yet. There is one drug being tested--but I lost track. Can be searched out, if you need to know--but first you would need to know it PTEN is in your future.


Good luck, I hope you respond!

Remember God is on your side.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 10/24/2018 5:38 PM EDT

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