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Cancer related?


So my father was supposed to do an additional 10 rounds of chemo which would total 20. They decided to stop it at 11 rounds. My father woke up a couple days couldnt move his head,slurred speech,confusion,kept falling asleep, and couldnt help us with getting to wheelchair. We thought for sure was a stroke. We took him to hospital they did a ct scan, no evidence of stroke. He continued acting very strange at hospital eyes rolling back in head and very confused. Well the hospital basically treated him like this was all normal and discharged him. Couldnt find anything wrong told us side effects of chemo brain!! I couldnt believe it. We have seen his cancer team and they are currently searching for answers. His mobility is very limited but speech improving and confusion gradually getting better. They are doing an mri on his spine and neck and head. Anybody out there with anything like this that ever happened?

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Have they done complete blood work?

I am surprised that scans before and during chemotherapy did not pick up metastates of the brain. Sure sounds like a vascular problem; perhaps transistory in which unless it is happening real time, they might not find. Read up on TIAs. Ususlly it started with spots in his vision. He might carry with him chewable baby aspirins and place one under his tongue when an episode occurs. I guess my point is, has he been seeking black spots or white spots when he closes his eyes? I hope that he feels better.

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When we thought my mother had a stroke and it was the end of the line, it took them a day to figure out it was a diabetic stroke. She was back to normal in one day. Just in case your dad is diabetic. Any diabetics out there, please be careful. Take your meds! Those were a couple of days I would never like to repeat.

My husband was removed from a clinical trial of VT-464 because of failing the neuro exam. We had been warned before going on the trial that 1/3 of the men had been forced out by "a brain fog worse than the worst chemo fog". It took a long time to recover and permanently changed his personality.

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So sorry for you and your husband to have to endure this severe side effect and damage from the medication.

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