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I'm new to the group.... filled with questions and searching for answers. My father, 66 y/o, was recently diagnosed with PCa. PSA 680 two weeks ago, CT scan shows 6 lymph nodes in the abdomen area affected, and possible bone mets T9 and left glenoid. ( lucency shown) He has been losing weight the past 6 months with nausea. Otherwise, feeling good. BRCA2 runs in the family, however he tested NEGATIVE. Currently waiting on additional genetic testing, i.e.: BRCA1 and other genetic mutation possibilities. Can anyone recommend good treatment facilities in OHIO? We are located in the southwest area but not opposed to traveling for better treatment. So far, we are seeing a local medical oncologist who also specializes in genetic studies. My dad is to have an ABDOMINAL LYMPH NODE BIOPSY this Friday to further evaluate tumor make up and aggressiveness. Any recommendations are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Best Wishes,


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Hi Linda-

Indiana University and Ohio State University are probably the closest major cancer centers to you with a good reputation for treating prostate cancer. Genetic testing has been disappointing for prostate cancer but worth a try. The next steps are to get him on androgen deprivation therapy (usually 2 weeks of Casodex followed by multi-month Lupron shots) followed by either docetaxel or Zytiga. You can read about other options here:

Thank you, tall_allen......I will look at these possibilities!

If you can handle driving to Chicago, go to Northwestern and become a patient of Maha H. Hussain, MD. She is without question one the best prostate cancer doctors in the world.

Thanks for the reply Bill48162-

Very kind of you to reach out. Chicago isn't terribly far, maybe 4.5 hours. I'll definitely mention the possibility to my dad. I appreciate your suggestion


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This is great news! Thank you for your input. I reached out to a cancer research doc in Washington State, who also recommended THE JAMES. ...Dr. Clinton. Your MedOnc certainly sounds "on the ball." I will look him up! Read your bio and you make me so hope that a good treatment plan is out there to manage this thing. Also........a big fan of jazz. 😀 Thanks again.

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Linda, Dr. Clinton is the head of the doc is under him (he wasn't taking patients at the time I was diagnosed...) - everyone's scenario is different, but there are definitely good treatment plans, and I always try and be positive/hopeful - at diagnosis, we're all in shock, having pity parties, and generally not sure what's going to sister was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and is having surgery today - she's had a rough week and a half with that uncertainty that happens (why they always seem to tell us "the bad news" on Friday's I'll never understand) when you receive the bombshell...I know how I felt at that time, and I feel like I need to do what I can to let people know that there IS hope, and you can go on with this insidious disease! It may not be as "perfect" as your life may have been up to this point, but it's not all bad either! We're all out here to help in any way that we can - don't hesitate to ask!


This is wonderful information. I just texted the number and credentials to my mom and dad to see if we can possibly see Dr. Monk. I'm sorry to hear about your sister and I hope that she has a successful surgery and smooth recovery. My dads sister has also had BC. Many in the family are BRCA2 positive although he is negative. Still waiting on some other genetic tests for him. Your advice is very much appreciated!


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