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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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IP 6

Anyone heard of IP 6?

It’s vitamin that’s supposedly helps fight off prostate cancer. IP 6 is part of the vitamin b I think,

Anyway my wife thinks this would help to fight off advanced prostate cancer.

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I took IP-6 many years ago. As with any conventional therapy prostate cancer finds a work-a-round. My PSA started to rise so I stopped taking it.


Thanks for the info my friend


But, did it help at all for a while or was it of no use whatsoever ? Did your PSA start to rise soon after taking it ? Was your PSA already rising when you started on it ?

Was it recommended by your doctor ? Why did he recommend it, if he did ?

Thanks for any reply you may care to give. This is mere curiosity on my side.


I took IP-6 on my own. At that time I was on Casodex. The amazing thing was in combination my PSA stayed below 0.5 for 5 years. Was there a connection between the two of drugs? Who knows. But I enjoyed 5 years of good health. My doctor was amazed and said I had the slowest growing cancer he had ever seen in his life. I will always be grateful for those years. They gave medical research time to develop new drugs. This may not be the answers you were looking for. The process was not scientific but take it for what it is worth.


I have given some thought to what may have happened originally with your cancer cell population over time:The low hanging fruit is the hormone dependent cells; the more difficult cells to kill, as mentioned by Dr. Shamsuddin in his textbook, is the hormone independent cells.Over time, and at a given dose level, you eliminated the hormone dependent cells leaving a preponderantly more robust population of hormone independent cells. What happens next is pretty predictable: the PSA level will slowly rise suggesting to you that the IP6 is no longer working. Yes, it is no longer working at that dose concentration given the specific make up of the cell population. Your job at that level is increasing the concentration of IP6 that it faces. Also, in light of the research of Dr. Challa et al., whose work was subsequently replicated, you should consider superchargingthe IP6 with decaffeinated green tea extract. I don’t think I’ve ever posted on this subject, but I could be wrong. I currently do this and use the life extension brand of decaffeinated green tea extract. (At 76 I’ve lost too many brain cells.) Add several grams a day to your supplement dose. As for the IP six dose, I presume you’ll double it given what it was before. So my bias says don’t give up on IP6, take another run at those cancer cells.You may end up being very surprised.I now take 16 scoops a day – I have to sign off and get eight of them down my throat.I forgot to remark about the mention by a different poster of possible toxicity in IP6.Can’t happen – IP6 is in every cell of our body whether or not we’ve ever taken IP6 as a supplement. Please read Dr. Shamsuddin’s book.You may experience excessive gas and frequent trips to the bathroom but that will be the worst of it.


I stopped take Casodex and IP6 many years ago. Since then I have been on Zytiga and Xtandi. Not to mention Provenge and radiation. Maybe going back on IP6 would be a good idea. What company make the brand you taking? I used to take in capsule form. I take you use a powder form.


I take Enzymatic Therapy's Cell Forte POWDER, NOT CAPSULES. I emphasize that because fighting prostate cancer requires heavy doses and capsules will not suffice. I purchase from allstarhealth.com because they offer the best prices I can find right now on the internet.

IP6 powder should be taken on an empty stomach (no food or milk, etc. for at least 2 hours prior). It should not be mixed with any drink containing protein as the IP6 molecules will bind to the protein molecules and lose their potency. After drinking your IP6 in water or a low sugar fruit juice (e.g., Ocean Spray Diet Cran-Pomegranate or Cran-Grape) don't eat anything for at least an hour. This is a powerful chemical agent and you will benefit from reading AKM Shamsuddin's book "IP6 & Inositol". Amazon has copies. If you are on warfarin, you will need to talk to your doctor about adjusting your dose as IP6 reduces platelet aggregation.

How much should you take at your early AM and late PM dosing session? This is the biggest single problem with IP6. I spent considerable time in 2015 when I first got started trying to determine what would be best for me given my personal medical profile. I had more than two years of taking Casodex and Eligard (Lupron) when I got serious about starting an IP6 regimen. I read some testimonials and decided that because I was a Gleason 8 I should hit the cancer hard. I went with 12 scoops of powder taken in two divided doses (6 in AM; 6 in PM). This turned out to be a good estimation (subsequent downward adjustment failed). The IP6 powder has to be mixed very vigorously in a closed container.

I did not tell my urologist what I was doing. I should point out that Dr. Shamsuddin repeatedly states in his summaries of his experiments that results revealed "dose-dependency and time-dependency". In other words, the more you take and the longer you take it, the better the results.

In AZ at my first meeting with my urologist in mid-2015 after starting IP6, my PSA was 0.1, lower than my urologist anticipated. He insisted on a DRE which he hadn't performed for more than 2 years. No nodules could be palpated in my prostate. That also startled him. Since moving to Florida, my urologist in fall 2016 read about this in my chart and said he wanted to check for himself. He also could not find any indication of cancer.

Dr. Shamsuddin subsequently told me that the smooth prostate was consistent with his research findings and indicated a normalization of cancer cells. He explains normalization in his book along with apoptosis.

Hope this information is helpful. Send me any questions and I will be happy to respond.


It definitely helps some people, including several members who have posted about it on this forum. Search is your friend, even if it isn't very good here.

It also definitely does NOT help everyone, just like every treatment, conventional or competitive.

I've seen no evidence that IP6 hurts people. It's almost impossibly to poison yourself with it, and I don't know of any research suggesting it might promote prostate cancer.

So the risk equation looks like this: always evaluate both good and bad outcomes.

Chance of doing good: probably small but definitely not zero. Some reports of very good results

Chance of harm: very small. The expense is certain but not large.

Do your research and find a good brand. Again, Search is your friend.


Thanks FCoffy. Good post and info. I’ll start taking it when it arrives.


My platelets dropped significantly when I started taking it and returned to normal when I also supplemented vitamin k. Could be due to taking a number of blood thinning supplements.

Something to be aware of.

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That's good feedback. Dr. Mercola makes a good case for taking vitamin K when you take any of several other supplements.


Thanks a bunch



I certainly am familiar with IP6. I have been taking it since July, 2015. I have posted here and elsewhere numerous times about Dr. Shamsuddin (University of MD Medical School) and his cancer research which has been ongoing since the late 80's.

First some background may be helpful:

I am a 76 year old, married, father of 3, stage 4, GL 8, metastatic PC patient diagnosed in 2012 in AZ. My Phoenix doctor put me on Eligard (Lupron look-a-like) and Casodex.

My treatment worked and maintained a low PSA; however, my wife in late 2014 insisted I do research on natural supplementation to augment my treatment.

After a couple of false starts (e.g., licorice root), I discovered Dr.Shamsuddin's and read his 2011 book (go to Amazon for “IP6 and Inositol…”) and studied the extensive cancer research he and many others have performed worldwide. The substance known as IP6 is also called inositol hexaphosphate, phytate, and less often phytic acid. There was a period when it had a bad rep and was called an anti-nutrient. If you run into anyone saying that you know they haven't read up on the current, 21st century research.

I used IP6 powder heavily (12 scoops daily) in the summer of 2015 for 7 weeks before my next medical appointment with PSA feedback. My results surprised both me and my urologist and brought in a number (0.1) that caused him to ask for a DRE. ( i still had my prostate as it had not been removed; my metastatic cancer precluded that option in 2012.) He could not palpate any nodules and this left him more than puzzled! I should add that the two bone mets in the pelvic region had stopped aching.

I contacted Dr. Shamsuddin via email at the U of MD and he was kind enough to answer. He said the disappearance of the nodules is consistent with findings in numerous studies: IP6 normalizes cancer cells as well as cause apoptosis when the dose is sufficient. I continue to update him on my status.


When we moved to Florida in August 2016 to be near our grandchildren, my urologist here did not believe the medical history notes and did a DRE himself that I will not soon forget. He also could not find any evidence to confirm manually the presence of tumors.

I currently use Enzymatic Therapy's Cell Forte IP6 Powder, 16 scoops a day divided into two dosing sessions, always mixed vigorously in a closed container of water and with a completely empty stomach. If you read posts by people who say they tried IP6 and it did not work for them, note this problem is addressed by Dr. Shamsuddin in his text. IP6 IS DOSE DEPENDENT AND TIME DEPENDENT. IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING RESULTS INCREASE THE DOSE LEVEL INCREMENTALLY UNTIL IT IS EFFECTIVE. MAINTAIN YOUR DOSING SCHEDULE - BE PERSISTENT.

As I said, I started in 2015 at 12 scoops daily to get the PSA to drop unpredictably. I reduced it in late 2015 to see if 12 was essential and the effectiveness declined. I chose to go to 16 as I am a Gleason 8 and the extra punch seems desirable - but this is purely intuitive. I take numerous other anti-cancer supplements and I have been a strict vegan for the past year. My Lupron shot every six months is still working apparently. In light of all of this, causality becomes very difficult to sort out when you are taking multiple chemical agents, prescribed and natural.

Never mix IP6 into smoothies, etc,. as the IP6 molecules will bind to protein molecules nullifying their efficacy. Yes, I take a massive dose and possibly far higher than most patients need. The challenge is finding the dose that works for you. I would recommend starting at least at 6 scoops a day and moving up incrementally until you get the results you are seeking.

In 2016 I discovered the research of Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D., a biochemist doing research at the University of Louisville Medical School. His book, in a 3rd edition now, is "Beta Glucan: Nature's Secret". He knows as much as any living person about natural immunomodulation through glucans. You can see him interviewed with oncologists at vitawithimmunity.com

2. ancient5.com/Beta-Glucan-Na...

I take one dose a day around midnight to 1 am when I get up to go to the bathroom. I want an empty stomach: 3- 500 mg. capsules (from Transfer Point) with resveratrol (from Nature's Answer) and vitamin C (from Solaray) per Dr. Vetvicka's recommendation. His experiments identified a synergy in these 3 agents when combined in an empty stomach. DO NOT dose more than once a day as you could exhaust the immune system through overstimulation.

I also take numerous natural supplements with each meal. My last PSA at my urologist's office was 0.06. He had cut out the Casodex in Sept., 2016 when we moved here to west central Florida. I have a new medical oncologist who I see in September and he may suggest modifications to this regimen.

Issues have been raised in the above posts regarding IP6. I would encourage everyone to read Dr. Shamsuddin's book and get your answers directly from him.

Your happy vegan CalBear74

PS. Go to nutritionfacts.org/video/tr...

for diet education videos, a couple of good ones on diet and prostate cancer.


Thanks a lot just received Dr shamsuddins ip6. But my wife ordered the pills.

Maybe I should get the powder too.


The ip6 I received is called ip6gold.com


Excellent choice. Enzymatic therapy Cell Forte is less expensive and also very good.The powder is the only way to go as large doses are needed to fight prostate cancer.

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My herbalist who is in his mid eighties recommended Cell Forte's IP6 & Inositol. He suggested that I take it with his own mix of the original Essiac Tea herbs, organic of course. Thanks for your info. Congratulations on your success.


I started IP6 as well and also as a recommendation from CalBear.

Now my story isn’t as inolvled. After an mpMRI and subsequent biopsy, we found 10 out 12 cores had inflammation and 2 cores had ASAP cells (precursor to cancer). I am 42 years old. DRE was normal and PSA was 0.33.

Now about 4 months later. I have had my PSA checked again. It was 0.23, it went down 0.1. Doctor said could be that inflammation went down or due to a different lab doing the PSA test. I’ve been taking IP6 gold, 4 scoops daily, and a bunch of other supplements. So maybe that has an effect, I dunno. Strong chance I’m living in dream land frankly, but who knows.

Will know more in a few months when I do another biopsy. I have also been taking beta-glucagon too, 5 caps per day


I don’t recognize “glucagon”. Do you mean “glucan”? Who made it?


Yes silly auto correct. Beta glucan

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I read about IP6 in your post above and will give it my attention should my PSA start to rise again. I have 72 radiations over 11 years and 6 1/2 years of Eligard (Lupron - generic). My cancer is currently not detectable and I am on active surveillance every 6 months. IP6 may have helped me and I am glad to know about it. I will let you know what happens in the future and I wish you well in your journey.

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Bless your heart. I hope it does help you miraclously! My husband is just starting to take it as well as take Beta Glucan. We are praying that God will use both to heal his body so he can get away from all these drugs, shots and radiation.


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