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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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2018 ASCO: Black Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated With Chemotherapy May Have Equal or Better Survival Than White Men.


New study presented at ASCO in Chicago.

Seems odd after reading dismal PCa statistics for Afro-Americans for so many years, to be reading of a possible survival advantage.

"An analysis of pooled data from 9 randomized phase III trials of more than 8,000 men with advanced prostate cancer who received chemotherapy shows chances of survival are as good for black men as white men. The median survival was the same in black men and white men overall (21 months), but black men had a 19% lower risk for death than white men when researchers adjusted for various important risk factors that affect survival. The findings were featured in a press briefing today and presented by Halabi et al at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting (Abstract LBA5005)." [1]

The link has a brief video presentation by Susan Halabi, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University.

Many years ago, a U.S. study of veterans data reported little difference in treatment outcomes - i.e. in a system where whites & blacks received the same standard of care. A survival advantage is something new.


[1] ascopost.com/News/58896

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Here's a more informative video:



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