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Survey on survival of advanced prostate cancer

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Apologies if people find this thread somewhat reductive and simplistic (not my intention - rather, I am curious about prognosis in a contemporary timeframe) but I was wondering whether members might be keen to share how long they have survived thus far since diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer.

Perhaps include basic info such as:

Time since diagnosis

Age at diagnosis

PSA at diagnosis

PSA now

Gleason at diagnosis

Location of mets

Brief summary of treatments undertaken

I'm very aware that this doesn't tell the whole picture of prostate cancer, nor is it attempting to. Nor is it discounting the fact that every case is different. I would just be curious to gather this info together to perhaps give us a more rounded idea of contemporary prognosis in light of recent advancements in treatment

Please reply if you are keen and willing to share.

Many thanks and best wishes to you all


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all that is in my profile, if you like

Here ya' go.

Dx Nov 2013 Metastatic Prostate Cancer at Age 65

Numerous Bone Mets and Lymph Nodes, PSA 5,006

ADT Lupron + Zometa, PSA Nadir 1.0

Resistance after two years.

Short rechallenge Casodex.

Oct 2016 Provenge

Dec 2016 Start Xtandi, PSA 95

Jul 2017 PSA 1.5

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encouraging - thank you!!!

Diagnosed January 2016

Age 58

PSA 4.7

PSA now <0.1 Note, Ductal does not always produce PSA. Tests on pathology slides indicate at least 30% of the cancer does not produce PSA. Cancer is followed by scans

Gleason at diagnosis G 4+4, T3N1, Ductal

Location of mets pelvic lymph nodes

Brief summary of treatments undertaken.

Feb 2016 Surgery

June 2016 Started Lupron (will be on it for two more years)

August 2016 Started 38 rounds of radiation

June 2017 Added Zytiga to Lupron

DX june 2006, Bpsa148, GS 10, age 49 ,widespread metastatic disease to bone and Lymph, originally spotted 3 cm spot on lung which turned out to be benign. Prayer, zolodex, Casodex ,zometa , nilandron, estradiol patches , Ketoconazole, zytiga, xtandi ,zytiga with food when it stopped working and now chemo, xgeva. Current psa 67 , psa nadir in 14 months after starting therapy at 3.0

Diagnosed March 1, 2017. Age 59. Stage 4, widespread metastases to spine, femurs, ribs, pelvis and a few lymph nodes. PSA 463, ALP 605. Started Primary ADT (Lupron) immediately, 6 rounds of Docetaxel Chemo beginning of April and last infusion on August 7.

Survived 6 months so far. PSA is currently .2, .2 and .19 for the last 3 months. ALP is 62.

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Dan59 in reply to gregg57

You are doing it right Gregg, I can not believe all the information you have shared on this site, and you have only been in the game 6 months, By your taking charge of your care ,you will do well I am sure. Already your psa is way lower than mine ever was.

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Thanks Dan!

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Oh gregg, what a man of substance you are! I was under the impression that you have started this journey at least 10 years before me. 2017 is simply unbelievable! You see things so clearly and almost perfectly that makes you an excellent mentor. I hope your treatments will erase your pathology to give a long lease of life that you well deserve.


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Thanks! I went through a period of shock and sadness at first like everyone, but then decided that I wasn't going to waste any of whatever precious time I have left worrying or being sad, etc. I just realized how much more I appreciate my life now that I have to fight for it.

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gregg, every word is precious and is what you are.

God bless you!


Diagnosed May 2015, stage 4, PSA 227, Gleason 4+4=8, bone met in T8 vertebra. Lupron since diagnosis, taxotere 6 rounds starting 3 months after diagnosis. PSA dropped to 9 in 1-month, undetectable within 4 months. Stayed undetectable for 12 months, then slowly started rising. Currently PSA is 1.4. Will start Zytiga when it reaches 2.0.

Diagnosed at 48 in 2011

StageIV Gleason 9 Mets to pelvic lymph nodes. Psa 17 at surgery

RP, firmagon till 2016 with casodex started 2015. Started Xtandi Nov 2016 after PSA rose to 23. PSA now 2.6 with latest nadir 1.6.(appears to be rising...still monitoring )

Diagnosed in March 2015 at 68 years with no symptoms but PSA 7.9ng/ml. Immediate treatment RP + IMRT + ADT ( 2 years ). Staged : T2c No Mo. PSA stable since beginning of treatment up to now at 0.008ng/ml. No treatments at present. Doing quite well.


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Sorry, my GS - 4+5=9 and positive surgical margins.


You can check all that information regarding details of my husbands PC journey on my profile. All the best, Lee

Hi Jack,

Thanks for asking.

Age at diagnosis was 50. In 2000. Surgery, radiation, Lupron on and off cycles from 2000 to 2015. Orig, PSA was only about 4.2. Went to undetectable for years.

2015 diagnosed with advanced metastatic in the spine and in part of the iliac crest. PSA only about 2 or so. We discovered that my cancer was basically non-psa secreting so PSA was not a good marker for all those years. I was only diagnosed in Septemer 2015 because of severe stomach pain (referred pain from spine mets - took a week for docs to figure that out).

That was followed by rounds of radiation to spine and Iliac crest area. Plus Eligard(Lupron). PSA was undetectable then rising a bit near 4 ish. Oncologist realized that Lupron was failing.

Now on Zytiga, Zometa (for bones), predinsone And continuing Eligard.

Oh, and I managed to have a serious unexpected heart attack on December 16, 2016 (about 11 PM). I was fortunate to have called 911 within one minute of feeling chest pain because I actually had to be revived during the ambulance ride. Later that night a stent was put in.

Oddly enough that heart attack was (almost) a good thing. It was a wake-up call that got me eating better and exercising more. I feel better now than I have in 10 years. It also kinda shook me out of my slow burning "poor me" prostate cancer mindset.

I was fortunate to have local heart rehab program available to me. I did 12 cool weeks of that (3x per week), then did 12 more on a "metabolic wellness" program.

Now I'm still walking fast 3x a week and working out. I used to run (v-e-r-y slowly) but Docs told me not to run anymore because of the jarring on the spine. So now I walk fast-ish and pretend I'm running. Actually, I try to walk faster by using kinda goofy-looking "race walking" techniques (Google it and you'll see what I mean). I used to care how I looked running, but now, I really don't give a damn what I look like because I am still "out there" doing stuff. I do admit to sucking in my gut a bit when a pretty woman walks by though.

Anyway, I am doing pretty darn well these days. PSA remains undetectable (but remember it's not a great marker). Have bone scans and CTs every 6 months to check. The last one was March or April and showed no increase in mets anywhere... so that's good.

Original age at diagnosis 50. Advance Diag. at 68. Now 69 and counting.

I know I gave way more information than you asked but I figured it's time I contributed.

Hello to all.

Mike Wykes

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nahlborn in reply to mwykes

thanks for sharing your story, Mike - very encouraging! Keep workin' it!

Dx in Jan 2015 at 57

PSA at 840

GL 7 ( 4 + 3 ) with mets to ureter lymph nodes

ADT ( Casodex & Lupron ) for 30 months

15 Taxotere chemos in 2015

PSA now at 0.1

Metformin and Lipitor

Intermittent fasting from 9pm to 1pm next day sipping curry/black pepper, tomato veggie broth

Whole grains, only seafood, lotta fruits and veggies.

Dx March 3, 2017. Age 52. PSA 415. GS 8. Bone mets to pelvic and hip areas. No sign of metastases in lymp node. Thank God. Started 50mg of Caxodex on March 16th. After 7 days PSA 215. Started 6 rounds of Taxotere on March 30th and had 1st shot of Lupron along with xgeva. After 4 rounds, PSA down to 0.1. Completed 6th round on July 13th. Bone pains have subsided significantly, but, there are still very minimal aches. Tolerable with no pain medications required. I feel great and with lots of energy.


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how about now?

Here's a link to Nick's recent Replies. He mentions his current status.

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Nicnatno in reply to saeed_alexy

I still feel great. PSA 0.5. Doc and I are very pleased.

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im so happy with you my friend keep going

March 2014 Diagnosed with Gleason 9 and 8 in all sections of prostate. PSA 2.6 Age 70

ADT, Brachy, External beam radiation. in 2014

ADT ends 9/15 negligible PSA

PSA climbs to 1.6 July 2016 . back on ADT

PSA falls to 1.0, MRI shows small lesion in August 2016 . Continue ADT

Feel bad in early Nov. CT scan shows cancer spread to liver, lungs, and more in bone. PSA up to 25.

Chemo started in Dec. 2016

DNA done on liver biopsy showing nothing actionable

After 9 rounds of Chemo (Taxotere + Carboplatin) Scans show something on lungs. Lung biopsy unable to determine what spot on lungs is.

Deep Vein thrombosis found due to uneven swelling of legs. Add Lomax to list of meds.

Had 11th round of chemo in mid August. Still on ADT. PSA is at 0.7 . Acid Phosphatase, Alkaline Phosphatase, and PSA all have been behaving well. Scans so far have shown disease has stopped advancing. Chromagranin, CEA and LD have not been reduced as dramatically. Scans taken 9/1 but no results yet.

Hand and feet nails seem to be better since I started using ice during Taxotere infusion.

Diagnosed 8/12 at age 65. PSA=29 and Gleason=9 & 10. Many lymph node mets. All drugs for 4+years--Lupron, Firmagon, Casodex, Avodart, Vivelle patches, Zytiga, high dose Ketoconazole, Xtandi, Revlimide, Leukine, Somatuline, Lynparza, Metformin. Nadir .041. 3 occurrences of DVT and PE. 44 sessions of proton beam radiation. PSA rising. High dose testosterone. Current PSA=7.2

Never Give In!

Diagnosed in June 2006 at the age of 60...PSA 12.9

Surgery in November 2006... Gleason 3-4 TB3 NO..PSA afterwards 1.2

Radiation in January 2007....PSA post radiation 0.5

Started ADT in October 2007..combination of Lupron/Casodex and Finisteride. PSA went undetectable within one month...0.03

On and off ADT since 2007 with PSA rising within 1 year of stopping ADT.

Had Carbon Acetate scan in 2012 found a suspicious pelvic lymph node,had radiation to the lymph node and started ADT. PSA went undectable within one month.

Continued ADT on and off and psa would come back, started ADT again and it continued to go back to 0.03 almost immendiately.

In 2015 had another Carbon Acetate scan, nothing found.

In 2016 my med onc decided to try and get me on Zytiga to try and give me a more long lasting sustained off treatment period even though the Casodex was still effective. Insurance approved it much to my surprise and delight.

As of today I am in an off treatment phase and my latest psa at Dana Faber was 0.04.

71 years old and turning 72 next month, try to exercise daily as well eat sensibly. One thing stands out that I still continue today on the recommendation of my med onc was having a glass of Pinot Noir per night with a few pieces of very dark chocolate 85%..:) Its something I enjoy and will continue to do so.

I have been very blessed especially with not having any incontinence issues after and since the surgery and the effects from ADT have been mainly fatigue which at times have been difficult.

God Bless Jack!!

Dx April 2013 PSA 67 GS (4+5) 9 at 64 years of age, no mets, put on Eligard (Lupron) and a one month course of Bicalutamide PSA came down to <1.0.

Dec 2013 8 weeks of radiation PSA steady at 0.02.

April 2015 PSA still around 0.02 taken off Eligard.

April 2016 PSA 12 and doubles in two weeks to 25, no mets. Back on Eligard.

May 2016 PSA 1.3 remains around that level for eight months.

January 2017 PSA 9.4 I had progressed to CRPCa, my radiation onc hands me off to a med onc.

February 2017 scans reveal bone mets in the pelvis, lower spine and base of skull but no soft tissue mets, asymptomatic.

April 2017 added Zytiga and Xgeva to the Eligard

May 2017 PSA 1.4.

June 2017 PSA 0.13.

August 2017 PSA 0.13

Throughout the entire time I've been asymptomatic though whenever I've been on Eligard (which is four out of the last almost 5 years) I've experienced considerable fatigue but adding Zytiga didn't make it worse. Probably the worst time I had was during the radiation treatment which triggered a severe flare up of my chronic rheumatoid arthritis which had been mostly under control for decades, this subsided shortly after the treatment ended. I might add that in October 2014 I successfully underwent knee replacement surgery.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it :). Thanks to the other responders to this thread, I found your experiences interesting. Good luck to everyone.


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RonL in reply to RonL

Forgot to mention Prednisone though that's probably a given with Zytiga :)

Dx 2013 PSA 6.6, gs9; RP in 2013 : stage pt3b ; PSA rises to .3; ADT and SRT to bed in 2014; PSA rises to 1.2 in 2015; MRI finds two suspicious iliac lymph nodes ; ADT3 for 13 months, started and still taking metformin , estradiol patches, cabergoline, calcium, vitamin D3 and RT to all pelvic lymph nodes. PSA rises to 2.3 in 2017; axumin scan finds met in femur ; restart ADT3 , start xgeva , SBRT to femur, PSA .3 holding steady.


Sorry age 69 at Dx!

I finished Xofigo last October. My experience with it was good. Minimal side effects, no complications. Pain relief from multiple bone mets started after about 6 weeks on Xofigo. PSA was .66 on completion of Xofigo treatments. Unfortunately in January I fractured my T7 & T8 vertebrae in a fall. Fortunately the fractures did not displace and the vertebrae did not compress but I did have to go back on Hydromorphone for pain relief as a result of the fractures. Then, in July the T8 compressed. So I had vertebroplasty on T8. They couldn't get the needle in T7 so I had five radiation treatments to it. I am now on a 50 mcg fetanyl patch to control the pain with Hydromorphone for break through pain. My PSA has risen to 5.35 so my medical oncologist has started me on Xtandi. The fetanyl patch has made controlling the pain much easier. I am still able to do my daily activities, play bocce 5 days a week, and light exercises. As long as the pain is under control quality of life is still pretty good. I hope this is helpful information to others on this journey. My treatment history since diagnosis in 1999 at age 55 Is as follows:


1999 PSA 2.7, Radical Prostatectomy, staged, T2a N0M0, Gleason 8 (4+4), Age 55

2006 PSA .4, 7 weeks external beam radiation of the prostate bed plus Casodex and Lupron

2008 PSA 1.0, to 2011 Intermittent (9 months on, 9 Months off) Lupron Androgen Deprivation Therapy

2011 PSA 3.5, to date Continuous (injections every 6 months) Eligard Androgen Deprivation Therapy

2012 PSA 1.7, -2013 PSA 1.8, Two Xgeva injections, then stopped Xgeva

2013 PSA 3.2, 10 days Palliative Radiation of Mets T7 thru T10 Vertebrae and left 10th rib, PSA .2

2014 PSA 1.29, 3 Provenge (Sipuleucel-T) infusions, PSA 1.8

2016 PSA 9.1, 15 days External Beam Palliative Radiation Tumor on left femoral head, PSA 1.0

2016 PSA 1.1, six monthly Xofigo (Radium 223) injections, multiple metastasis spine, ribs,femur,sternum, PSA .66

2016 PSA 1.15 Resumed monthly Xgeva injections

2017 PSA .77 Fractured T7 & T8 vertebrae in fall in January

2017 PSA 4.23 Suffered spinal compression T7 & T8 in July, radiation T7, vertebroplasty T8

2017 PSA 5.35 Started Xtandi in August

That is a pretty ridiculous thing to say if you think about it. The same is true about any new post on this forum regardless of the topic

You wrote, "I would just be curious to gather this info together to perhaps give us a more rounded idea of contemporary prognosis in light of recent advancements in treatment." This type of 'survey' will give a highly skewed idea of prognosis.

Hence my various caveats littered throughout the original post

Time since diagnosis: 3.5 years

Age at diagnosis: 74, 3/2014

PSA at diagnosis: 7.5

PSA now: undetectable as of last PSA test 8/6/2017

Gleason at diagnosis: 4+4

Stage T2

Location of Mets: One met on each femur; shrunk by 40% after Xtandi

Meds: Casodex 1 month

Lupron: 3/2014 (6 month injections); PSA rose to 2.8 12/2015

Xtandi: 12/2015 (Clinical Trial)

When Xtandi fails, and it will fail, my Kaiser doctor and I will look at my getting tested for immunotherapy, clinical trials and other promising treatments. I have a great doctor who is the "go to" Urologist/Oncologist" at Kaiser. I'm very pleased that the hormone treatments are keeping me alive. My libido is completely gone; I get fatigued and need a nap; I get brain fog; but what the hell at my age, now 77, I'm at peace.

I feel bad for you younger guys and keep you in my prayers. PC has taken away a great deal from you. Don't give up; stay positive; you're alive!

These are exciting times in PC research. Life expectancy is increasing versus 5 years ago. I pray for a cure. in many cases depending on your body, there are prospects of being in a durable remission state for many years.

Diagnosed 4/29/2016 - my 58th birthday (thank you very much!)

Age at diagnosis

- 58

PSA at diagnosis

- 698

PSA now

- 32 nadir-0.29

Gleason at diagnosis

- no gleason score - apparently why bother?

Location of mets

- spine, illium, femur - bilateral, spinal cord compression 5/2016

Brief summary of treatments undertaken:

5/4/2016 laminectomy to T7 - T10 - relieve spinal cord compression at T9 and get tumor tissue sammple, paralysis from chest down

5/2016 - Eligard

5/2016 - casodex (discontinued 1/2017 as PSA was rising)

5/2016 - zometa

5/2016 - dexamethasone

5/2016 - 20x radiation

6/2016 - hyperbaric + ketogenic diet

6/2016 - cannabis (the good stuff - RSO)

7/2016 - 6x taxetere

12/2016 - nadir 0.29 (yay!)

1/2017 - PSA started increasing - doubling monthly - bummer!

7/2017 - zytega

7/2017 - prednisone

8/2017 - metformin

8/2017 - crestor

numerous supplements, probably others I can't remember right now (that is happening a lot lately!)

7/2017 - found this group - very helpful, Thanks Everyone!

- Greg

8/2013 diagnosed Gleason 10 mets to bone multiple areas, age 53,

Psa 9

9/2013 started Lupron been on it since

2/2014 Strive clinical trial

7/2014 Docetaxal (6) radiation to couple areas for pain relief

4/2015 Xtandi

3/2016 radiation to pelvis and spine for pain relief

4/2016 Radium 223

8/2016 cabazitaxel

4/2017 Mitoxantrone

8/2017 Stroke. loss of hand (some improvement with therapy

Psa 52

diagnosed Aug 2014 aged 67

PSA 187

glesson score unknown - as diagnosed by Scan

Mets to left thigh and two spots on back

No pain since diagnosis

had turps operation no Pca found

treated with prosrap Lupron with Dexamethasone added from Oct 2016

present PSA 7.5

no chemo as yet

Serious muscle loss despite exercise but weight gain due to tummy fat

Diagnosis: July 2016

Age at diagnosis: 53

PSA at diagnosis: 8.25

PSA now: .11

Gleason at diagnosis: 9 (5 + 4)

Location of mets: Bladder and 3 Lymph Nodes (pelvis + upper abdomen)

Brief summary of treatments undertaken:

Aug 2016 - Lupron (every 3 months)

Oct 2016 - Feb 2017 -6 cycles Docetaxell

In Nov 2017 - Adding Zytiga to my Lupronn

Feb 2017 Genetic Testing found ATM Gene Mutationn

Very Interesting to read everyone's various journies. Good luck with the survey.


Diagnosed July 2012

Age 65

PSA 23

PSA As of June 2017 3.148 Doubled in 3 months

Gleason at diagnosis G 4+5 in numerous samples

Location of mets: bones, spots in pelvis and skull. Skull liesions no longer visible

Brief summary of treatments undertaken: Started on Casodex, but found it raised liver readings 5x normal. Taken off Casodex after couple weeks. Started Lupron and Xgeva in August 2012, 6 month injections. Continuing on Lupron but have changed to Prolia. No other treatment.

Now at CRPCa. Oncologist talking about either Zytiga or Xtandi meds. Next visit this Friday Sept 8th, for CT, bone scans and bloodwork. Apprehensive!

I am amazed at the amount of men starting out with stage 4 and huge psa who did chemo along with adt and it sent their psa to undetectable, which as anyone knows is a huge indication of favorable prognosis , and a paradigm shift in PC. I wish I had known 11 years ago. On the other hand I see almost no one with my stats at dx, who were dxed in 2006, who posted to this survey,Where are those guys? My hope is that by getting that undetectable psa with chemo, many of you guys will be fine 11 years out.


Age 50, 49 at Dx.

Diagnosed April, 2016. PSA 8.5 Dec 2015, 15.6 April 2016. Gleason 10.

Mets in a dozen skeletal sites, no lymph nodes or visceral mets.

Androcur tablets, followed by Zolodex implant May 2016 (3mth).

Cryo-ablation in August 2016 and Nov 2016.

Zolodex implant (3mthly) restarted Feb 2017.

Docetaxel (Taxotere) chemotherapy, started 6 rounds in March 2017, finished June 2017.

PSA currently 0.69 and stable.

I was diagnosed in Oct 2016 at age 77, PSA was 7.6, Had 3D assisted biopsy took only 8 snips,all cancerous 3 were G8, 5 were G9. Fortunately no mets were found, 2 suspicious lymph nodes less than 1 mm. Immediately put on 50mg Casodex and 2 weeks later began Eligard. PSA slowly declining, after 6weeks was 1.12 then 3mths later was .96, then to .76, then to ,74. My current PSA is .64, still declining. My tumor is considered localized but inoperable because of it being outside the margins and involving the Vas-deferins. I have also had Beating heart Quad Bypass in 2010. Smoked for 10 years, quit in 1967.Alcohol use (abuse) for 30 years, dry for 25 years.Heav into supplements for 40+ years. No weight problems ever. Since having inoperable PCA decided on Radiation. Had total of 45 sessions ending 2/15/2017. 25 sessions included surrounding lymph nodes, final 20 aimed only at gland. Glad I am retired, Took up golf again after 25 years. Used to be a single digit handicapper. My current goal is to shoot my age someday. One small problem is Hydronephrosis in right ureter, It has improved as ureter can now be seen on last ultra-scan about 3 months ago. Suffer from hot flashes and great fatigue, losing muscle mass, gaining fat. Starting weight training to combat this.

Tumor = T3b N1 M0 Stage IV

Taking Provigil for energy, IP6 + Inositol Powder fo immune boost, Plus too many supplements to list.

Best to all who report here, you are my lifeline.


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Diagnosed Dec 2015 Gleason 9 PSA 335. Lymph nodes involved, bone mets to pelvis and spine. Age 50.

Started 3 month Lupron Jan 2016. Refused upfront Chemo. PSA 1.5 after 6 months. Scans show lymph nodes reduced to normal size. All bone mets mostly resolved. PSA started rising slightly June 2017 and Doc placed me on Zytiga as well as per new trial results.

Vegan low carb diet with cheater chicken dinner once a week. Ridiculous amount of supplements as well as natural treatments.

Side effects of Lupron and Zytiga are practically nonexistent.

I believe in maximum information-minimum intervention in dealing with this disease and plan to stay healthy and undamaged long enough to be cured by advancements in immuno-oncology.

I hope others that are newly diagnosed realize that they are capable of one day beating this disease and don't breathe in this nonsense that it doesn't matter what you eat, you're all going to die. By educating yourself in all aspects of treating this disease, you may find yourself in complete control of it and will live for many years with a good quality of life.


Diagnosed fall 2013 a age 55. Prostate removed 12/2013, psa 35, gleason 8. No llymph node involvement but seminal vesicles involved. Started with casodex. Psa continued to climb. Discovered 3 bone mets in pelvic & spine. Moved onto Lupron (ADT). Managed psa for approx. 2 years. Hot flashes were primary side effect which I managed with Gabapentin. Moved onto Zytiga for approx 18 months with no side effects. Moved on to Xtandi for 6 months with no side effects. During this time my psa would go up and down. Med Onc said "at this point its just a number. Its your quality of life that we really care about". Received a couple rounds of radiation treatments to pelvic area due to some bone pain. Continued with Lupron and Xgeva throughout. Bone scans now reveal more bone mets with rib and more spine involvement existing mets show more activity, lymph node involvement around lungs, nodules have developed at the prostate bed and around base of bladder. Just completed first docetaxel treatment of 10 sessions. Only side effect so far is a day of feeling like I was coming down with the flue. Bone pain seems reduce and psa is down to 18!!

Thanks for doing this Jack!


not been on this forum for 5 months, so only noticed your survey. Here are my stats

Dx Oct 2017, age 73, PSA 960 at start, now down to about 7, Gleason 4+3, mets widespread in bones, esp. humeri and femora, on ADT leuprorelin and had one round of docetaxel. Within days of starting ADT I came off pain medicine, and orthopaedic specialist says lack of pain shows ADT is working well, and likelihood of bone fracture is now very low, just avoid running and similar impact stuff.

Time since diagnosis: diagnosed February 2016

Age at diagnosis: 57

PSA at diagnosis: 6

PSA now: . 07

Gleason at diagnosis 4+5 = 9

Location of mets: biochemically recurrent without specified mets

Brief summary of treatments undertaken:

May 2016 - RP

August 2016 - November 2016: Taxotere Lupron = PSA 0.01

Biochemically recurrence: July 2017 - November 2017 = .12 - .51

PSADT = less than 2 months

Having hip and back pain that MO thinks it's nothing but I want to confirm it...that where I am now.

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