Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Table of Immunotherapy Clinical Trials- 2018

Being interested in immunotherapy for PC, I came across this article on Medscape.

It's a bit of a "slog" but worth reading (after page 4 they use English). There is a good table (Table 1) on page 4. The "Personalized Peptide Vaccine" showed real influence (OS- 73 vs 34 months).


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So you went thru this complected article , and this is your finds. Thanks for sharing it with us. The only thing left is , how I can get some of this "Personalized Peptide Vaccine" so I can live a lot longer ?



Dear BBruce:

Yes, that's the "rub". What about emailing the researcher in Japan that has been "at it" on personalized peptide vaccine since '98 (I'll do the same), and ask him if he knows anyone doing PPV in the USA? I checked "Clinical Trials. gov" with no trials showing up for PPV and only 13 (most completed) for peptide vaccine.

The researcher is Masanori Naguchi at Karume University, Japan-

email- noguchi@med.kurume‐


email won't send!



did send in google mail


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