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Supplements and diet advise

I've been diagnosed almost 6 months now. Please check my bio for original diagnosis. I'm on monthly shots of Firmagon, zytiga and prednisolone and a bone infusion. The last couple of psa tests have flattened out at a scary 49, not rising but not falling. I've cut meat and dairy completely (only eating fish). Upped my veg intake, have a veggie juice to start the day and try to keep a lid on carb intake. I never drink alcohol or soda and stay away from processed sugar. Some of you have extensive experience of taking supplements on top of the standard care received, and I'd like advice as my specialist is very much on the fence on this topic. My only daily supplement is POMI-T which I've been taking since the beginning of this journey. I get the feeling if the next results come back similar with no drop in PSA I'll be moved to another treatment.

Any advise appreciated.

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I believe that the only beneficial ingredient in POMI-T is sulforaphane (broccoli extract) but the rest of the ingredients probably won't hurt you. It may save you some money if you buy cold-extracted broccoli seed or sprout extract, though.

As for treatments, the treatment with the longest survival benefit when used early is docetaxel. I'm not sure what's approved in the UK - did NICE ever approve Provenge? It would be a good combo with docetaxel or radiation and works best when used earlier. Xofigo is another good choice.

Have you had any pathology or genomics done on your tumor tissue? It may have certain rare characteristics that may point you towards some non-standard therapies.

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I've had gene testing for BRCA1-2, MLH1, MLH1-2-6,PMS2 and EPCAM, no pathogenic varients detected. My next specialist appointment will likely include next steps and maybe a change of direction. I don't knoe about Provenge but I will find out. Thank you


That genomic test was a tumor test and not a germline test? I didn't mean pathogens, i meant where they look at the cell characteristics of the tumor tissue using a variety of specific stains. Sometimes there are unique receptors on the cancer cells that can be targeted.


Thanks. I'll email my specialist.


Sounds like you are on the right track as far as diet. As far as fish, stay away from tilapia. I order wild caught fish from Vital Choice, it's expensive but I think worth it. I also stay away from GMOs, I use almond milk on my cereal, and Earth Balance butter substitute.


My husband uses the following supplements: green tea, reishi, grapeseed extract, turmeric curcumin extract, pomegranate and turkey tail extract (mushroom). I will also order some vitamin C. I think this amount of supplements is good enough. Anything above that amount of pill would be excessive although I hear some patients take as many as 30 tabs a day. I would not recommend that unless your physician okays it...


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