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Enjoying life


My subconscious must have known this Dx was coming I built this beast 5 years ago after riding motorcycles since I was 8 when my dad got my a mini bike, we have put 45000 + wonderful miles on it through the searra Nevada mountains, up and down the coast several times and have no plans of stopping soon, will just have to fit in treatments and take this PC beast with me , ride on and keep the shining side up gentlemen

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A great machine! My brother is crazy about quads and buggies. I will show you this photo.

Wow , nice ride! we all must keep doing the things we love in life, It is what will keep us alive.

bhr17 in reply to Dan59

You got that right, I also against my wife’s wishes ride an FX 450 Kawasaki dirt bike that I went out on just before chemo with my son and his 450 Yamaha riding up and around the pikes in flagstaff AZ , age is just A number

bhr17 in reply to Dan59

Just read your bio, you are one of the reasons am on this site great survival story and brothers in life’s journey

Dan59 in reply to bhr17

TY You are inspiring me to get out and do the things I want to do. Blowing steady 50 here with freezing rain last 2 days.

C O O L ! ! !

Very nice!! I have a 2003 Honda Shadow VT1100 with Vance and Hines pipes and Corbin seat in mint condition. Not a harley but fun ride. Best treatment for hot flashes I can find.

Great post and well received message to never let anything take away your passions. The day I can't manage to get in and out of a boat or climb into a tree stand will be the day I'm throwing in the towel. Also don't forget to do things you have always wanted to but never did. I tapped 20 maple trees this spring and made my own maple syrup for first time. Fell right in love with it and already looking forward to next season.


Ride free and long bro.....never stop

Love it,age is just a number!

Ride on Brother don't ever look back at the PC beast it is that kind of confidence and outlook the beast hates. I wish you many more years of travel. Brother in arms Leo...

Awesome! Goes to show that PC don't kill you unless you let it. Life goes on until it don't, it's what you make of it that counts. I'll ride my Honda VTX1300 until I can't and then I'll give it up. At 72 it still makes my tummy tickle when I get out on the open road, That's what makes the difference between sitting all day in front of the TV or getting out and doing something fun. God bless.

To me there is nothing better then the wind in your hair(if you have any) and an endless trip of asphalt. and as Chuck Berry said, no particular place to go!

Live to ride, ride to live!

My bike has 6 wheels.... it's called a car.... I'm the 5th (big) wheel behind the (6th) steering wheel.

Keep on wheeling...

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 04/17/2018 12:14 PM EDT

Bikes are my preference but I have a life long passion for anything and I mean anything with a motor made to propel a person. Just gets my motor roaring.

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