Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Some advice out there?

I am now just 5 days on Bicalutamide 50mg 3 daily untill they will come n give a zoladex 10,8 injection

I also hv dicolenacnatrium/ misoprostol 3 daily and 1 tacal d3 for bones.

I hv a downbelly that aches, diarea a bit and feel tired but cannot sleep, is this normal?

Pc plus mets in bone , i feel a total nervous wreck

Thanks for support

I am 64

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Talk to your oncologist about switching from bicalutamide pills to a shots of leuprolide (or similar - whatever is available in your country) and pills of abiraterone plus prednisone. It is a far better approach for men with newly diagnosed metastatic PC.

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Hi Allen thx . I will get the zoladex injection this week. Do you mean that you suggest to take abiterone with prednison at the same time??

Thx , ronald


Hi Ronald,

Yes. Two major studies (LATITUDE and STAMPEDE) showed a significant survival advantage to starting abiraterone with prednisone at the same time as a GnRH agonist (like Zoladex) for newly diagnosed metastatic patients. There is also an advantage to starting docetaxel early, if there are multiple metastases especially (CHAARTED). These have been approved by the US FDA, but I don't know what is available in your country. You can read about this at the following link:


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