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How do you pronounce, "Erleada?"

UPDATE: The proper pronunciation is Er ( Errr), (Like Her without the h) ) (lee) (long E) da.

Everyone should learn this pronunciation, so we are on a relatively level knowlege field with our doctors. Now, repeat after me .....

Er ( Errr), (Like Her without the h) ) (lee) (long E) da. Erleada!

Earlier comment below.

Less than four hours after the announcement and I've already fielded aproximately 20 patient and three press phone calls regarding Erleada . No one, including me, has a clue how to "correctly" pronounce Erleada I've heard E-leed-ay and urrr-leaad-uh and ir-lad-da and a whole lot of other varieties. I've send an email to our contact at the manufacturer, Janssen, requesting a phonic definition and/or audio file. Meanwhile, it is fun to play with for Erleada ... I am totally in love with Google's female voice Spanish version audio for Erleada Errr-lee-aad--da

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What about apalutamide?


I know. Apalutamide is such a fun sounding name. I wish that was what they used. Perhaps we could advocate in our own bunch of guys that we call it, Apalutiamide rather than irlada or however you want to pronononce it.

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Why not? I notice that researchers, & many in this group, prefer Abiraterone & Enzalutamide to the easier Zytiga & Xtandi.

To use 5 syllables when 3 are available, shows commitment, & communicates to one's doctor that you know your stuff.


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I always Err when I pronounce Erleada

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 02/17/2018 12:34 PM EST

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