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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Am I on track ???


Wow. New to this site. Love the brotherhood and positivity of all the posts and replies. I think I found a home for my concerns.

I guess I need to post all my vitals and stats. That way any questions will have more meaning.

Essentially, I was DX in March of 2016. PSA 35 initially, then reconfirmed at 35, the biopsies....yadda yadda.

Had a RRP July 2016 at UCLA along with a clinical trial which included some hardcore drugs. xtandi was one of them. No margins, but seminal V , and some lymph nodes positive. (They knew this prior to surgery from imaging) I was also a staged a G9 ugh

After drugs wore off, I was undectable PSA in NOV 2016. Then had a .8 in Feb 2017. Then in about 3 months it was up in the 2s. Went back and forth with insurance to get Axumin scan.......they won. I paid out of pocket.

Scan showed prostate bed "suspicion " and some affected local lymph nodes. Nothing else anywhere! So the tumor board at new hospital (I moved across the country) agreed to radiate. I went on Lupron and then all the 35 sessions of RT to prostate bed and LNs.

My team hear has not mentioned any additional measures. Just said "stay on Lupron for 2 years and wait and see."

Should I be doing more ??????????? I get 3rd Lupron injection in a few weeks. Last PSA was undetectable.

Sorry for the brevity. I'll follow up again.


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I am not a Doctor----but I would want [if I was in your shoes] to be adding Avodart, Metformin, and consider the supplement Pectasol-C. Zyflamend, and a quality Turmeric Extract. I am sure you think this is out of the blue---so Post asking the group what they think about you adding my suggestions.



I agree with Nalakrats.


I always agree with Nalakrats. You will see.

Good wishes for you G9.



Why metformin? I know that can be one of the side effects of Zytiga but I didn't see any mention of an elevated A1C. I'm on my 4th month of Zytiga and so far, my A1C is dropping.


It is not for Diabetes though the ADT drugs do raise your blood sugar some what. Raised mine 20%, over one year. It is used for lowering the aggression of returning Pca cells.

You can easily go to Google, and search [Metformin and Prostate Cancer]--last newest paper was about a month ago, on this subject. Lots of guys are using on this site---I had to write the Script, that I wanted for my Urologist--now he puts all his Pca Patients on it---when appropriate. Great to be used early before you go castrate resistant---helps to keep you from taking this negative step.



Hi ! Thanks for the info.

My glucose hovers right under 100 on most every test , occaisionally just over 100 .

I do take a daily turmeric/ curcumin supplement and drink a small amount of POM most days .

I will look into the Zyflamend that you recommended . Thank you .

I added more back story to my profile if that helps . (Need to edit it .... darn I phone auto corrects things .... says I got a Lipton shot instead of Lupron !!!

Still feel this approach is not aggressive enough . Is this my new path ? To do things until they no longer work and then move on to the next thing ? I’m prepared for any battle and I am tough and willing to do whatever it takes .


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