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Hi. I'm new here. Would appreciate your input. I found this site informative. Thanks. Just got my Eligar shot 3 days ago, along with a prescription from 50 mg of casodex. Really got dizzy last night into today. Went and got some drammamine to offset the seasick feeling. Is it important to keep taking the casodex along with the Eligar, or can I take breaks. I believe it's contributing to the dizziness and nausea. I was in the sun a good bit yesterday too, and I 'm sure it didn't help. I was on Lupon before, and never had too many side effects except for sweats.

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My first year on ADT was eligaurd. The side effects were more severe than lupron. They switched me to lupron after complaining about the side effects. Lupron was better but not much. Why did they switch to eligaurd?

I have yet to take casodex or Zytiga or Xanti i cant say if that is the culprit. Best of luck and keep us imformed.


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Casodex is important---as it blocks androgen's from getting thru to the AR of the Cancer Cell.

Being in the sun is not considered wise when on these drugs--If I remember the side effects, right. And We all go thru a lot of side effects--while on ADT---I put up with it for 2 years---and now on vacation--and praying hard to my God, for a very long one.



I switched healthcare providers. The first prescribed Lupron, but now I'm on Eligard. Can't say I notice any difference. The Eligard has more of a burning sensation, more intense than the pain from a Luporn shot, but seems to go away more quickly. The Lupron shot used to hurt for a few days.

I haven't heard of the side effects you are getting. Have you talked with your doctor about it?

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I have had both Eligard and Lupron. I had much more severe side effects with Eligard and this last time went back to Lupron. I never had dizziness but much more fatigue and depression. Never took the Casodex. Good luck!


I was only on casodex for 14 days. After 7 days on it, my PSA reduced in half. After casodex, I started on lupron. So far no side effects from the lupron not even hot flashes. I hope I don't jinx myself for saying that. I've had 4 hots of lupron since its inception on March 30, 2017. For the nausea, my Onc prescribed me compazine. I didn't take any. I drank ginger tea instead. It worked wonders for me. Please keep us posted.


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I was only on casodex for about 14 days too, waiting for my insurance to come through with approval of eligard. My urologist didn't suggest casodex -- I demanded it, from what I learned here and elsewhere. I wanted to get the jump on this disease and not sit there waiting for any kind of treatment.


My prostate cancer history outline is:

Gleason 4/4 with positive margins. RALP (Robotic Assisted Laproscopic Prostatectomy) in 2008.

PSA started rising, so had IMRT and 1 year on 4 MONTH LUPRON (CAUSED SIDE EFFECTS). PSA < .006

Cancer recurred 3 years later in 2011. PSA 1.87

I went on Androgen Deprivaton Therapy (ADT4) in 2011.


Switched from Casodex to Nilutamide in 2013 when PSA started elevating. PSA .02

PSA dropped back <.006 within 4 months. T < 3.

Provenge in 2014. I had an apherisis catheter (port) for the 3 Provenge procedures.

I added Metformin to my regimen in 2015.

Stopped Lupron Oct 2016, but continue all other medications in my regimen.

PSA <0.006, T =41 in Jan 2018.

My regimen:

Lupron 3.75 mg / mo - LHRH Agonist, last injection Oct 2016.

Nilandron(Nilutamide) 75 mg / day - Anti-Androgen (desensitize androgen receptors)

Avodart(Dutasteride) 0.5 mg / every other day - Anti-Dihydrotestosterone

Cabergoline (Dostinex) 0.25 mg every other day - Prolactin reduction (desensitize androgen receptors)

Metformin HCL ER 500 mg / day - PCa less aggressive per Dr Myers - < O2 to PCa cells & < Metabolic syndrone

See the blog developed by Chuck Maack of Us Too for a great reference tool by a PCa survivor.



Did you have to battle you doctors to add all these constituents to your treatment arsenal? I suggested metformin to my GP and he wasn't having it.


Thank you Clint.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 01/26/2018 1:33 PM EST


I'm pretty new and learning from the old guard but I wanted to say "Welcome".


For seven years I had both. Do glad my last injection was eight years ago. I preferred Eligard once pass the initial sting, all was fine. Lupron caused a dire muscle two days later for several days. Both worked equality well. I experienced zero side effects from either other than the usual, loss of muscle tone and breasts. My Red Badge of Courage do to speak - my reminder that this is one Stage 4 Victor with still undetectables.

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