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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Getting Ga68 PSMA PET at UCSF

Recently a member of a Support Group in Northern California shared this information he got from UC San Francisco about getting access to a Ga68 PSMA PET there.


"In order to be scheduled for a Ga68 PSMA PET scan at UCSF, we would need an order from your physician to be faxed to UCSF Radiology Scheduling at 415-353-7299. The order should state the scan they are ordering (PSMA PETCT or PSMA PETMR) as well as a diagnosis. We would also need recent prior imaging reports, a recent progress note, PSA lab values, and a completed form (attached – Q1) to confirm that you meet the inclusion criteria. I’ve attached an order/referral form that your doctor can use. We would also need you to get a PSA within 30 days of your scan appointment, depending on when it gets scheduled.

Once Radiology Scheduling has received the order, you may call 415-353-2573 to schedule your appointment. As discussed, the way this trial is run is that insurance is billed for the radio tracer and imaging component of the study.

For non-UCSF patients, the referring physician’s office is responsible for obtaining insurance pre-authorization.

Please find the CPT codes that we use for billing below:

PSMA PETCT: PSMA PETCT – 78815, Ga68 PSMA – A4641

PSMA PETMR: PSMA PETMR – 78812, MR PELVIS – 72197, Ga68 PSMA – A4641

If there are other questions regarding Billing, patients can contact our Radiology Billing office at 415-514-8888.

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How do I get the attachment Q1- Is There a link?

Do u know the min PSA they accept?


This standard Clinical Trial link provides eligibility and contact info.


The Attachment mentioned may or may not be the Referral Form listed on this page,


I would consider printing the above Clinical Trial info to discuss with my doctor, and then perhaps sit in on the call to the Clinical Trial Coordinator as they set things up, including Insurance details, expectations, scheduling, etc. if you want to pursue it.

As for PSA, .... the above Trial Eligibility Criteria mentions:

•Rising PSA (at least two consecutive rising PSAs) after definitive therapy with prostatectomy or radiation therapy (external beam or brachytherapy).

◦Post radical prostatectomy (RP) - AUA recommendation for biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

◾PSA greater than or equal to 0.2 ng/mL measured more than 6 weeks after RP.

◦Post-radiation therapy -ASTRO-Phoenix consensus definition of biochemical recurrence after radiation therapy

◾Nadir + greater than or equal to 2 ng/mL rise in PSA



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