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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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My Oncologists is retiring

My Oncologists who has been taking care of me since 2005 is going to retire! My Doctor is a great man with very good bedside manner who has always given me hope with a positive outlook on my advanced prostate cancer diagnose! He has a great sense of humor which was often needed at difficult times! I went to see him for the last time on November 24,2017. We had a long talk and I told him how much a liked him being my Doctor for12 and half years and how much I will miss him! Present at the time of my appointment was my Oncology Social worker who is just an awesome woman! She is always there to give her support! We also talked about the Doctor I will get to continue my care! I said to my Doctor I would like to have I photo of you and me before I leave this appointment. So here is that photo.

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Awww...What a nice story. It's not that often you find an oncologist with such good bedside manner plus support.

From his picture he looks like a really kind person!! You do too!!! My regular MD retired last year and I was so upset. Found another dr, but he's just not the same.

My husband has a nice oncologist, but not so good on bedside manner. i hope you will like your new doctor. My husband like yourself had a dr that retired also, he has been on this journey for ten years. Keep on trucking.!!! Wishing you well.



Thank for your kind words! I'm glad you liked this story! You must never give up and always be strong and remember to thank all the people that are taking care of you too! I wish you well ronnie 1943!


which one is the doctor?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Sunday 01/07/2018 (my name day) 6:53 PM EST

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The one on the right! HaHa Ha Ha Good luck and good health to you j-o-h-n!


A doctor should also be a HUMAN BEING like your good doctor!

May God bless both of you!


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Thank you Sisira! I wish you good luck and may God bless you too!


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