Well it appears that we made it yet another year. I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things, (I know here he goes again). I would like to thank everyone for the extremely informative posts. I have learned much on this site in 2017. I would also like to thank everyone for putting up with my dumb comments. They weren't meant with malice intent, it's just the way I am. If I offended anyone I'm sorry. I have tried to do my best to cheer people up when I sensed that they were feeling down. I have no idea what affect I had but I tried. Hopefully some of my off the wall dry humor jokes brought a smile or two. Again, I tried.

To the younger members in the group who still have children at home. My heart bleeds for you guys. I wish that I could change places with you as I have lived my life. I have witnessed many things worldwide both good and pure evil. I have had several face to face meetings with the grim reaper and somehow escaped his grasp. I accept my eventful demise and can only hope that somehow prostate cancer can become a chronic condition for our younger members.

To the very few members who are rude to other members, yes I'm a self appointed sheriff here. Let's be nice to everyone who enters our group. Please remember we all have different levels of intelligence (I'm a prime example of a low IQ member).

Finally, Lets all draw closer in 2018 and beat this BS called Prostate cancer so far away it will need a telescope to spot us. signed, First sergeant Nameless.

Oh, I almost forgot, the other day a county sheriff knocked on my door and when I opened it he handed me a letter. Inside was a restraining order signed by the devil barring me from hell. Now what?

Of course what do i know?

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  • Happy New Year Nameless!

    And if we want use military rank, than you can call me Flight Lieutenant Hazard (some 30 years ago anyway).

  • Yes sir.

  • I'm RAAF (was), I don't think that Trump expects you to acknowledge foreigners :-)

    Regards, Hazard

  • Once you are, you are forever. Minus those that have been drummed out.

    SSgt USAF vet.

  • Hazard

    Introducing political bias into this conversation is totally inappropriate!

    Nameless et al: Happy New Year and many more to all of us fighters including leathernecks!


  • Right on!

  • Sorry Bob no offence meant, it was just a little joke after Nameless addressed me as Sir. Now that is totally inappropriate (but of course it was also just a joke).

    I sincerely apologise.

  • Hazard

    Got it . Thanks. I’m just tired of Trump bashing.


  • Happy New Year, What an excellent post, Thank You.


  • Great post. Happy New Year's and may we all have a great prognosis in 2018.

  • ❤️

  • Thanks for your post nameless, Your posts are brilliant and I’ve always got your sense of humour. I kept the first post you ever made as a reply on my initial diagnosis as it was motivating and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to reading many many more, my wife loved your post about the Tundra Swans you should perhaps write for a living. So put a novel on your to do list for 2018. 👍👍

  • Apollo123 ~ You need to quit reading my dumb jokes and start looking for a second job which will enable you to sit in the audience while all your children receive their college degrees. Have a great 2018!

  • I plan on seeing my Grandkids graduate 👍👍

  • Tell you what, inform me when your first grandchild graduates from college and I will swim across the Atlantic ocean to attend. If you will have me.

  • Your welcome to visit us in Wales at anytime. We will source a floatation device to help your swim! 💪💪

  • I love you style and I have that same DGAF attitude since the cancer DX. I really appreciate your input and you're totally correct that on this Forum - we need to be kind as we've gone thru our own sh*t and want the newly diagnosed to feel welcome and hopeful.

    Happy New Year

  • Happy New Years to all. I am in Isla Mujeres, Mexico at there best all night party. At midnight all I could think was thank good I am alive. May we all be alive this time next year, and well and happy.

  • to: nameless niner niner niner niner

    Well as I mentioned before " I was a USO commando"

    Good Luck and Good Health to everyone and theirs for 2018.

    j-o-h-n Monday 01/01/2018 2:20 AM EST

    Of course what do i know?

  • Well you got me this time nameless!!! I laughed out loud... again.. but also had a tear or 2 from those beautiful words that you wrote from your heart......buttt....What do I know... ha ha ha.

  • "What is in a name! that which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!"

    You are nameless! But so very fragrant and it all emanates from your heart!

    Your exhortations for the new year 2018, and the words of loving kindness should crown you as a King ! And not as a Sheriff.

    Happy New Year to you one more time!


  • Happy New Year nameless. Your many statements have enlightened and motivated me. Here's to a healthy 2018.


  • This ex-USAF fighter pilot (356 combat missions) got the same letter! Old Scratch just isn't up to messing with us, I guess! But as I tell everybody - my cancer isn't any wimp cancer; it's TOUGH!! I blame Agent Orange for my prostate cancer and the Veterans Administration agrees with me since they've given me 100% disability.

    Remember - attitude is everything. My New Year's resolution is to stay up next Dec. 31 to watch the ball in Times Square drop on 2019. And I want all of you there with me. Y'hear now?

  • I called in F-4's more than more than a few times to provide a dose or two of napalm, providing my team with an escape route. Those 20mm guns didn't hurt either, thanks. I started out with E/51 LRP's, (Two tours) and spent my last tour with G/75 Rangers.

  • When I got to Germany, and found an apartment to rent, the landlord asked me if I was a pee-loot. It took a while, but he found out that no, I will not be able to bring things home from Turkey for him. I said, I only fix teletypes. You know what those are, I'm sure.

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